🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Björk

Right, lets leave that weird mess of an Elvis thread behind and move on

Some new voters enhancing Elvis’ score a bit I think

Artist Rating
Aretha Franklin 4.64
Otis Redding 4.34
David Bowie 4.31
The Cure 4.28
Marvin Gaye 4.21
Stevie Wonder 4.17
Nirvana 4.15
Radiohead 4.13
The Supremes 4.13
Prince 4.11
Kate Bush 4.07
OutKast 4.07
Portishead 4.03
Jimi Hendrix 3.93
Joni Mitchell 3.89
Bruce Springsteen 3.84
Blondie 3.73
ABBA 3.66
Kanye West 3.65
Blur 3.61
Beyoncé 3.54
Bob Marley & The Wailers 3.48
Madonna 3.4
Toots & The Maytals 3.35
Sugababes 3.22
Rihanna 3.19
Jay-Z 3.14
The Rolling Stones 3.09
The Strokes 3.03
Elvis Presley 3.02
Girls Aloud 2.93
Britney Spears 2.85
Metallica 2.81
Oasis 2.71
Lady Gaga 2.61
Queen 2.6
Blink-182 2.21

And now we turn our attention to Björk


What do we reckon?

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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
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Best album

  • Debut
  • Post
  • Homogenic
  • Vespertine
  • Medúlla
  • Volta
  • Biophilia
  • Vulnicura
  • Utopia

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5, done



  • Human Behaviour
  • Venus As A Boy
  • Play Dead
  • Big Time Sensuality
  • Violently Happy
  • Army Of Me
  • Isobel
  • It’s Oh So Quiet
  • Hyperballad
  • Possibly Maybe
  • I Miss You
  • Bachelorette
  • Hunter
  • Alarm Call
  • All Is Full Of Love
  • Hidden Place
  • Pagan Poetry
  • Cocoon
  • It’s In Our Hands
  • Who Is It
  • Triumph Of A Heart
  • Other (please specify)

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Never got it. Can appreciate it but never really enjoyed it. 3/5


Yeah, exactly the same. I’m sure it’s brilliant if you’re into it but she does absolutely nothing for me. 2/5 I think.

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Someone I’ve never really investigated, think I’m too intimidated by the back catalogue and the variety of styles and everything. I remember seeing Oh So Quiet on TV as a kid and assuming she was a kind of novelty pop artist and being confused when she also seemed to do these seven minute windswept howling songs as well. Dunno/5

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The greatest. 5.

  1. Mutes thread.

absolute 5/5


I know a few people who are absolutely obsessed with Bjork. I’ve never got her though and I’m not that keen on her singing style. That being said, I’ve always got a lot of time for proper eccentrics and she’s done some really experimental stuff over the years like the whole VR thing so 3/5?


One of a small handful of artists who mean something more to me on an emotional level above and beyond the music.

Despite her critical acclaim I think she is really underrated as an artist - as a musician, an actor, a visual artist, an educator, an innovator, a mentor. If she was a man she would absolutely being held up as a ‘genius’.

Vulnicura is an absolute masterpiece and Utopia isn’t far behind - clearly she is making complex music that isn’t going to be for everyone but it really is very special.


Massive talent, but unfortunately ‘stately and windswept’ gets old for me fairly quick and there is a lot of her work that I enjoy less than it deserves… Her beat driven stuff though, I absolutely love.


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She’s unreal. One of the best ever to do it


Not asking you to include it but Selma’s Songs (music from Dancer in the Dark) is an absolutely brilliant album as well - an incredible modern interpretation and twisting of a Hollywood Musical score.


Before Björk there was nothing


feel like someone has to step up with the hot takes in these threads but i can’t in good conscience do it with bjork. 5/5.


This is the first HGATR where I’d say I was a proper fan of the artist. It’s going to make me sad isn’t it?

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Another vote for feel like I ought to like her more than I do. Still got a great voice and is a really interesting artist with some very good albums, but not sure I care enough to give her more than a 3


Love her of course. Come to Me is one of my favourite songs ever.
You know that song at the end of The Two Towers? Wish she’d sung that.