🎡 How Good Are They Really 🎡 Blink-182

Yeah, I was prime age for blink 182 and I thought they were shit anyway :wink:

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I’m not sure that the bands of the 80s I listened to were this bad but each to their own.

Is it?

Just an opinion really isn’t it.

Sorry but they were, no teenager has good taste in music.

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Let’s agree to disagree.

Anyway it’s never my intention to offend, so sorry if I did.

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No offence, but I absolutely had great taste in music and have done all my life.


Let chadders be the judge of that.

No offence but no.

Loved what i loved and still do, pretty decent returns, pal.

Me too! :grinning:

5/5. Lots of nostalgia attached to that though. Not listened to anything past the self titled, but big fan of Hoppus though.

Best songs that aren’t Dammit:

Wendy Clear
Going Away to College
Peggy Sue
Man Overboard
Apple Shampoo
A New Hope
Feeling This


Enjoy the Lockup Stage at Reading Festival!


Forgot one, Zulu is their best track probably.

That didn’t work. Balls.

Think we can all agree that I like the best music

Come on now, let’s all just agree that no Blink song was as good as Lit’s My Own Worst Enemy and move on.

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sometimes. PUP and Press Club are playing this year. not much else though.

Come on now, let’s all just agree that no Blink song was as good as Harvey Danger’s Flagpole Sitta and move on.


To be clear, it was a comment that was meant to mean β€˜I used to love them’. It wasn’t meant to be horrible. I wouldn’t be mean about Alk3

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