🎡 How Good Are They Really 🎡 Blink-182

Green Day > Blink 182 > The Offspring

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Must admit this thread has been eye-opening, I’d picked up before that a fair few dissers were the right age for pop punk stuff to be important formative music but hadn’t quite realised how much love there was for it. I think I just totally dismissed it at the time and maybe thought it was more of a U.S. thing so it’s nice to read an outpouring of passion whether that’s based on nostalgia or ongoing.

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I still can’t fathom those little arrows.

You bloody better well not! :kissing_heart:

Follow the direction of the arrow to get increasingly worse

So you prefer the Offspring to Green Day?

No, arrows are pointing right which means the further right you go the worse they get

I’ll never get it! :thinking:

not gonna read the thread but i IMAGINE a lot of joy-vacuums are telling everyone how much Bon Iver/Newsom/the sound of a lawnmower recorded in a warehouse are way more mature.

And so be it. But Ranch/Enema/Jacket is a great album run.



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Thanks for solving that age old problem for me of how to answer when someone asks what music I like.


Those arrows pointing right represent β€˜greater than’, so just substitute those words for the arrow in your head :smiley:

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Liked this except the newsom bit

i just picked artists dis is a wee bit too reverent of dw

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Once in a generation genius, much like blink 182


and the tory’s tory, kate bush


Do people still like bon iver then

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Yeah, she is also bad at music which is the weird thing

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i assume so. i refuse to read the music board. maybe they hate him for being mainstream now

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Looked at the end of the road line up and was surprised to see Beirut headlining, still. nothing against Beirut but just don’t understand how some acts get to and sustain that level