🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Bloc Party

Little Thoughts is a really good song


The Love Within is an utterly hilarious song


Never made it through a whole song. A 1 really as I have tried a fair few times but will stick to my principle of abstaining if I haven’t heard enough.

Probably one of those bands that made me realise I don’t really like indie music.

Voted 1, though that’s as a 2/10 rather than 1/10. I’m surprised we’ve reached this low in the barrel so soon. One half decent song and otherwise indie landfill for me.

It should be a 3/5 but I can’t really be objective here so I went 4/5. Silent Alarm had one of the biggest impacts on me that any album ever has done, changed how music sounded too me, what I wanted from it, and just still think it generally stands up as one of the best albums of the last 15 years or so. Like Eating Glass is also an all time opening track.

Beyond that Weekend in the City had some great stuff (and an all time worst opening track ever just to balance things), album 3 had some highs but also got cringy at times, and then didn’t pay attention beyond that.

But the band that made So Here We Are and Blue Light will have my love forever


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Would you like to just send me a list of your favourite bands and we can do that instead? :sleeping:


1/5. get a point for the drums

Weezer got a 3 because people (not me) have a huge amount of goodwill towards them for an early career defining peak, followed by decades of artless bilge.

I have the same affection for early Bloc Party as other people have for early Weezer.

3 seems fair.

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1/5. That 1 is for the love below

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Take it to the Outkast thread.

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Let me be absolutely clear - was definitely not meant as a criticism of you personally for selecting them (if that’s even how it happens). I really enjoy these threads and am very grateful you go to the effort of posting them.

I was not intending to disparage the selection in terms of the whether or not it is music I like, just what I would perceive as the insignificance of the band - maybe they mean more to some others but I would have considered Bloc Party to be a pretty minor footnote in musical history whereas these polls have tended to be large impact artists. So I’d have expected say, the Killers to be a more likely candidate for a poll, even though I personally have the largely same opinion about them.

There are a number of artists I am looking forward to seeing threads for, some who I like, some who I don’t and some who am just curious about. I have dug further into the back catalogues of Aretha and Otis off the back of the leaderboard and that has been very rewarding. Also never heard the Clash’s debut until saw how it ranked in the album poll on that thread. So I thank you, and apologise for any offence caused.


Silent Alarm was good, though me and my brother got that and The Futureheads debut at the same time so they’re forever linked in my mind and I always preferred the latter at the time. Had tickets to see BP on this tour though and then couldn’t go, ended up never seeing them ever.

I was a fan of A Weekend in the City at the time and even Intimacy, which I thought had a few proper bangers (and some shite with proper cringe lyrics). Went off them after that. Only ever heard a few tracks from Four and thought they were pretty boring. Obviously they’ve only gotten much worse since.

It’s been years since I listened to anything by them deliberately, but the Silent Alarm stuff sounds decent when it comes on somewhere.

Going to give a perhaps overly generous 3.

That’s fair enough. Got to do some less high scoring or established acts in between the big hitters I think. I was also genuinely quite interested to see what the consensus would be on BP as there are a lot of people here of an age where they would have a strong opinion on bands of that era one way or the other.

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Only heard that love within song, it wasn’t good. 2/5

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Try this

Edit: sorry I know you don’t like it when i/people do that.

1 point for Silent Alarm, and 1 point for having a member of Menomena in their band.

Or wait, should I DEDUCT a point for having a member of Menomena in their band, because that means their robbing us of having any new Menomena material?

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Original drummer is/was fucking incredible and made them worth listening to.


Oh I have heard this on an advert or something I think. It’s alright, don’t really like indie music though

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They were my first gig which was nice, like half my year were there at school. One of my friends once forgot to do some English homework (poetry) so he wrote down the lyrics to Hunting for Witches and got a higher mark than I did and I tried really hard.