🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Blondie

make that 4.5 albums

or Harry

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Fair point that, Colin

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debbie harry’s great and i like that she’s a queer icon but i’ve never been that fussed by them

I see your

And I raise you

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Like Bowie or The Jam, the greatest hits is perfect so there’s no need to bother with the old albums. Based on the trusty “Would you dance to them at a family wedding/provincial disco?” test, it’s a resounding 4/5 for the best singles.

In the world of unexpectedly great comeback singles, Maria is up there with Crystal. Saw them out of curiosity when they toured that album and Debbie was still every inch the star.

Could take a point off for my university flatmate playing Atomic non-stop for a period of 6 months (and then singing it in a Geordie accent when he wasn’t playing it), but that’s not really their fault and would be a bit like blaming Springsteen for people not getting the point of Born in the USA.

Yeah I’m having this issue now I’ve put the Best Of on at work. Voted for Hanging On The Telephone but they’re just all so fucking good.

Went to see blondie a couple of years ago, they were great and Debbie harry is still too fucking cool for school, love her.


O dunno
Now that U2 arent everywhere these days peoples outlook on their output seems a lil more rational. They have more good albums than most bands at their level

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Blondie are solid, quintessential New York band. Debbie paved the way for future female lead front bands like No Doubt and Garbage. She also just seems like a really genuine person, put her music career on hold when her boyfriend at the time Chris Stein, had some sort of immune disease. Love the reggae tinge of ‘Tide is High’. Autoamerican underrated album.

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Loooooove them so much

Went through a phase not that long ago of sticking on Parallel Lines every Friday afternoon last thing before leaving work

Heart of Glass is one of my all time favourite songs, what an absolute banger


I don’t think it can be overstated how important she was for this really.


Yeah some of the hate they get seems a bit ott to me but I don’t know.

Not many bands make much decent past album 4 do they and I think Joshua Tree was what album 5 or 6? So seems like if you like them they had a decent run.

Dislike all that early stuff tbh tbf, but love the middle period of Achtung Baby, Zooropa and Pop - seem like a genuinely different band…

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I think of the early stuff as the flag waving stadium rock stuff but I don’t know it well enough tbh.

Edit: interesting if they managed to get new/ different fans for the mid/later stuff though. Fair play.

On reflection more of a 3/5

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Blondie are fucking great 5/5.

Saw them in Brighton last year on a freebie, still great, Debbie Harry was dressed as a bee and swearing a lot about saving the bees. Afterwards she had a massive party in her room at the Hotel du Vin and set the fire alarm off and the hotel got evacuated at 4am. She’s 72.

So many bangers, always happy to hear pretty much any of their singles, massive soft spot for Maria, but for absolute OMG PLAY IT LOUD euphoria Atomic cannot be beaten. Is there a better pop lyric than “Oh your hair is beautiful” no there is not.


On paper the lyrics to ‘Atomic’ are fuckin shite but set to that tune and sung with that voice, they’re godlike*

*see also Marc Bolan’s entire career.

Blondie are an easy 5 for me btw.


A band with that many great singles is too good for a three for me.

Also, they were #1 singles chart when I was born.

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