🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Bob Marley & The Wailers

Hello! If everyone’s come out of their chocolate comas then let’s crack (HA!) on with another HGATR. Here’s how the table looks after the Nirvana thread

Artist Rating
David Bowie 4.31
Nirvana 4.15
Beyoncé 3.54

Today let’s look at Robert Nesta Marley and The Wailers shall we…

What do you reckon?

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Best song poll

  • Is This Love
  • No Woman No Cry
  • Could You Be Loved
  • Three Little Birds
  • Buffalo Soldier
  • Get Up Stand Up
  • Stir It Up
  • One Love
  • I Shot The Sheriff
  • Wait In Vain
  • Redemption Song
  • Satisfy My Soul
  • Exodus
  • Jamming
  • Iron Lion Zion
  • Other (please specify)

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Don’t like em


Good and makes me happy, hard to ask for more


Why not Jukers?

Think they’re rubbish


My dad used to play the Legend album in the car a lot when I was young and I didn’t hate it. Then I revisited them as a teenager and, it’s alright really. Lead to me discovering and getting into loads of different (and better) reggae and ska too. Find it hard to listen to more than about 4 or 5 songs without switching to something a bit more interesting. I’ve voted for Three Little Birds for purely football based reasons, but that’s a whole other story.

Not my bag. Can appreciate parts of their output, to a degree, but do not like reggae ultimately, so that’s it.


Went through a bit of a Marley phase back in the day. I liked a lot of his earlier Ska tracks and there are some good singalong numbers later in his career. I don’t think you can deny his ‘importance’ (fuckin hate that word in this context) but his actual music appeal is quite niche. The live version of No Woman No Cry is great and Redemption Song is stripped down brilliance.

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he had an absolutely beautiful voice and Exodus is obv a great record, not listened to that much beyond that. didn’t know he’d released 13 albums, that’s a lot

No strong opinions so going to abstain.



Hate them. Like break out in hives when someone puts them on.
I didn’t like them much before I started travailing but after years of every hostel, beach bar, bus and boring fuck back packer playing Legend, I want to start punching.

No thanks mat9.

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Travelling is the problem there, I’ve rarely left Northants and I still like them!

As I say, didn’t like them to start. Hate em now.

For me it’s a rare case of music that can’t be tainted by the people who play it or the places I hear it

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4 again for me Clive

Bend Down Low is my favourite Bob and Wailers song. No idea which album you might find it on though.

I’m pretty partial to reggae and dancehall, but wouldn’t consider Bob to be the pinnacle of the genre (like 99.9% of the world seem to)

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Who could come up to break your run of 4s Jordo?

That is a lot. I didn’t know he had that many either.

Suspect dis is gonna look even whiter/more rockist after the results of this poll…