🎡 How Good Are They Really 🎡 Bright Eyes

Late to the party. I love Bright Eyes. More particularly I love Conor in general. So many rainy days in first year of uni spent walking around the lake listening to DAIADU and Lifted, exploring his other work. The production is incredible. He speaks to you as you go through your life, as @hip_young_gunslinger said. Incredible that someone so young could write like that, that it meant as much to me at 18 as it does nearly 16 years later, and with a whole new set of meanings.

The Better Oblivion rΓ©cord is an all-time great. Read Music… is an all-time great. More Bright Eyes albums than are worth listing are all-time greats. He’s one of the best, the absolute best, and one of the few artists I feel lucky to have in my listening life in a real personal way. There are no comparisons that are too over-exaggerated.


Also important (maybe) to note how DIY Bright Eyes were, coming out of a rural setting with very few outlets to play or get their music known, creating their own label outright with Conor’s brother and getting as big as they did. Introducing the world to bands like Big Thief. Really fucking well done.


Gonna close the door on this one shortly.

3.71 Same as Rage Against The Machine. Make of that what you will.


The 100th HGATR is coming up soon, any ideas for how to mark the occasion? Toying with the idea of opening all the polls again for 24 hours.


I know who the thread will be on, just thought we could do a celebratory spin off.


Mate, Aretha is the greatest ever and everyone on Dis listens to her records all the time.
Just accept it :smirk:


My Vitriol


Now this is the kind of madness I can get on board with


Happy with 3.71 tbh, given how marmite they are for some folks.


I will fuck up that Pixies score.

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On the one hand we could right some wrongs, on the other it would be total chaos. Like it could be fun and I know a lot of people missed the early ones but I’m not sure of it should count? Might start a whole new load of arguments? Might also be worth it?

This is literally the inside of my head every time I consider it.

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Did a HGATR world cup a while back and Radiohead inevitably won. Might just put them all in a big poll.

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Would be quite interested to see everyone ranking the 100 artists 1-100, then points given from 100-1 respectively, and the scores aggregated into a list. Imagine it might look quite different from the current ranking.


Ooh that could be a good way of doing it actually

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This is good idea. I think to make it a little more accessible (and manageable for me) I’ll ask people to do a top 10 or 20 in order (10pts for favourite, 9 for second and so on) and do it like that maybe.

Ranking System with Octobadger
or Chaos with Marty Funkhouser


100 artists is too many for me to sort for each one using Excel on my phone with limited skills!

I could probably do something if you liked?

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