🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Bryan Adams

I mean, they’re both cunts aren’t they?

Tbh he’d be a 1 even if he wasn’t a racist now, father.


Very, VERY funny “Mr Rockstar” voice.


Everything i do, i do it for 2


kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, bat eating, virus making son of a gun WOO!


I recognize he’s mostly bad but my older bro loved him so I have good memories tied to some of his music. Dare I say that I actually like most of waking up the neighbors? Mutt Lange produced so it sounds like the AC/DC / Def Leppard records I love from that era.

I also gotta come clean and claim my love for all for love

Cant tell you how many times my siblings and I belted along to this. Very fun to do the harmonies. Great air guitar break too.

I gave my vote to cuts like a knife cos I think it’s a great single. Heaven is great too. He’s got some solid dad rock singles to fire up on karaoke night.

Overall tho… Bryan gets a 2 (sorry to my bro should he ever read this)


Absolutely not. The Mel C song is good but in spite of him, not because of.


It should be a 1 just for subjecting us to Everything I Do for however many weeks it inexplicably stayed at No1. But the only other thing of his I think I’ve heard is the massively overplayed Summer of 69 which was fun for a while in the 80s, so I will abstain.

Tempted to go for a 1 for the seemingly endless torture of Everything I do and that excruciating duet with Mel C.

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Reckless is fucking great.


Run To You is absolutely stone cold great

Summer of 69 slightly ruined for me by my mum having it as her ringtone for years. It is great, I think it’s an incredibly tragic song personally.

When You’re Gone is good fun

Heaven… meh

I enjoy the intense, OTT emosh of Everything I Do

Not really got any big opinions, enjoy Reckless but not fussed about delving any deeper



I don’t mind Summer of '69, Heaven and Run To You. The rest is pretty much awful though, especially that Mel C song. I’ll give him a 2 for those three good songs.

5 for the memories 1 for the reality. Very uninspiring.


I’d completely forgotten about Run To You, that was ok. Still going to abstain though.

Find Bryan Adams fascinating. He’s made some absolutely massive songs but no one ever talks about him. Never met a Bryan Adams fan. Gonna give him a 5 cause he looks amazing for his age

The scarf I’m currently wearing. It’s also the only scarf I own.


I put him in the same catagory as Bon Jovi - loads of big tunes that are fun to sing along too when drunk but really not for me

Ah I’m the opposite, always surprised how many fans there are. Probably an age thing tbh but have definitely noted it as a thing. Big crossover with Bon Jovi fans I’d say.