🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 De La Soul

Also how fucking great is it to be able to listen to them whenever you want? Sitting in the office listening to Stakes is High (an album I definitely didn’t give enough time to and one that has that perfect mid 90’s sound I love) and it is simply marvellous.

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“Makin ya bob” on In The Woods sounds like “Lickin’ ya bum”

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That’s the biggest one I spotted. Also the Eddie Murphy sample at the end of Magic Number. The ‘Ain’t No Half Steppin’ sample on Ego Trippin sounds like it’s been re-sung.

The 3 Feet High and Rising remaster sounds loads better than the copy I have, so it’s not clear if some thing have been redone, or are just louder/brighter? Can’t be long until someone on Reddit has compiled a complete list.

Bet everyone on reddit ordered a colour variant and are now again waiting for it.

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Oh, also Craig Mack at the beginning of The Bizness has gone (“Bass up the track…”)

So, for those who are rediscovering/re-enjoying these De La Soul albums…how come you let them out of your life in the first place?!

I’ve been using the rips I made from the cds I bought decades so have never been without them thankfully. Do lots of people only stream?

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yeah sheer laziness and convenience

Yep, after I stopped buying CDs in hmm 2014? and before I got into vinyl in 2021 - was streaming only. And plenty of people will never have made the switch back to physical that I’ve done

Really felt like the future for a while, only saw the positives not the negatives. Then it’s easy to ignore the negatives for convenience after that


I have couple of the CD’s stored away somewhere and I have all the mp3’s on an iPod but you know having it all in one place makes life easy.

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Same - still have the rips from my old CDs, and the odd vinyl bits that I just downloaded over the years.

I use Apple Music and iTunes Match now, but for the longest time before that, I’d have Spotify and iTunes on my phone, and have to flip to that if I wanted to listen to the stuff that never made it to streaming.

I still had all the files when they released that torrent way back when. But as they’re all on my laptop, I rarely listened to them. Mostly because I do most of my listening whilst I’m at work. And when I am listening in the evening, I’m usually tired and want something familiar and easy and walking the two steps from my sofa to my laptop is FAR.


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Thank You Dave
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Another vote for ‘the skits are part of it and good’.


This doesn’t seem to have embedded properly, but Questlove’s been sharing a bunch of little videos of people talking about their love for de La. Really good.

Hate the skits, hate all skits tbh. After one listen they lose any and all enjoyment value for me.

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I Am I Be :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

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“or some tongues who lied and said we’ll be natives to the end, nowadays we don’t even speak” :cry:

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Got a little emotional watching that earlier. So so good.