🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 De La Soul

You like what you like, of course. But It bums me out that people abandoned a genre that has more to offer than one branch of its tree. Street rap isn’t for everyone but there’s so many other avenues you could go down. And the term mumble rap should be banned from the internet :slightly_smiling_face:.


Do do do-do do-doo

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Thanks for clarifying - I did think the majority of what I said was positive, I guess you must read the negatives a lot elsewhere.

I have gone down several avenues, albeit not very far- and come to the general conclusion that the rap genre left me behind in the main. Same with dance music and some types of indie - I’d have been very happy if dance remained all synthesizer stabs and 150bpm drums or indie remained long-haired blokes in shorts and XL shirts, but it wasn’t going to happen.

As for “mumble rap”, I don’t think I’ve heard that as a term before, but I’ve heard plenty, admittedly mainstream, rappers talking into their boots.

what do you think of de la after stakes is high?

as long as there’s a microphone in the boot i’m all for it.

I thought Oooh was amazing when it came out. (Much) more recently, I thought their last LP was pretty great too.