🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Deafheaven

A ludicrous band and a brilliant one. Ordinary Corrupt Human 5


Although lol that they didn’t play anything off the new album

It’s broken up by shoegaze! Until the new album that is just fully shoegaze!

Really great band, and have really enjoyed how they’ve evolved. Really great live too.

Don’t quite understand the people who only liked Sunbather, felt that New Bermuda was a similar thing but just better


Was chuffed with that

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Couldn’t agree more. There’s something so compelling about how they can go from heavy to cheesy to gorgeous within the space of a few minutes.


Really good band. I have a lot of time for them both as a black metal act and a shoegaze one. Some of the melodies they manage to conjure up within all that noise are beautiful.

I’ve given them a 4


Love them, a terrific marriage of power and beauty. Of the blackgaze Big Two I think Alcest are more consistent, but when Deafheaven click they hit some incredible heights. Honeycomb is the perfect summer single (admittedly one that’s nearly quarter of an hour long), Yes, it starts off with a few minutes of furious metal shrieking, then it goes all classic rock for a bit and settles down into this long, languorous outro that is exactly what sitting outside on a jasmine scented heavy summer evening fading into dusk sounds like.


I hear they’re not even proper black metal

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I mean I get it, they read the room, but was surprised to not get Great Mass of Colour at least

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Reckon 3.10 to 6.16 in Sunbather might be my favourite bit in music ever. There’s a bit where the music and vocals keep teasing to release, George almost sounds like he’s purring, then when he finally lets rip its so cathartic almost. Brilliant.

The ending to Dream House is just every emotion in one.

I liked New Bermuda but I think it was definitely a bit of a self aware album. Some of the songs sound like two mixed into one and it doesn’t flow as naturally. Brought To The Water just goes into Kiss Me for some reason. I also think their live shows really suffered at this point. When I first saw them, just after Sunbather, it was at a tiny venue in Manchester and it was really intense. Then on the New Bermuda shows, George got Perry Farrell in the Jane Says video hair and spent half the set dancing about. Was jarring

Think Ordinary Corrupt Human Love was a real return to form. The backing group vocals to Yellow Canary are something else and I love the bit in Honeycomb where it just bursts into a 70s rock riff. Think they found themselves again a bit on this

I know people like Infinite Granite but I thought it was a massive mis step. Found it really dull. Each preceding album had some instrumental tracks and I think the new songs would’ve worked if they had been used as the placeholders on a new album which had their usual sound

They were brilliant at Outbreak too, as @Severed799 they didn’t do a single one off the new one. Wonder if that was just because they read the room or they don’t particularly enjoy doing the new stuff


Le Read The Roomoi

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Enjoyed Sunbather even though it wasn’t my usual thing. Struggle with the vocals but quite like the more shoegazey bits.

A three I guess


I like them. My most listened to track is probably Baby Blue off New Bermuda. Love that one.

I liked the sound of the new album. Need to give it another listen

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I’ve always hated the high pitched metal vocal of bands like At the gates and Carcass so black metal was just a straight no for me, the vocals were like nails down a black board for me. Until this.

The way it morphs from face melting BM into Slowdive without you really noticing the transition is brilliant.

Loved New Berumda despite never being able to get into Sunbather, really disliked OCHL but Infinite Granite was one of my albums of the year. It’s just a fantastic shoegaze album and there’s too few of those in the world.

So… 4. Maybe a 5 for being a gateway to so many bands that the vocals had been a deal breaker.


Easy 5 for me, all of their albums are excellent and they reintroduced me to metal after avoiding it for about a decade.

Really great live too


One of my favourite bands if not my very favourite of the last decade.

Feels weird giving a 5 to a band that hasn’t really been around a long time but I’m going to do it anyway. Their output has been outstanding, Sunbather a 10/10 all timer for me. Bermuda and OCHL are 9s and Judah and Granite probably 8s.

Absolutely lethal live. Major missed gig regret was when I was too skint to see them touring Sunbather which they played in full at Stereo in Glasgow. Friend of mine takes great pleasure in reminding me that he went :pensive:

For black metal purists they’re probably a bit soft and hipster and I get that but they’ve been a gateway drug for me to explore the genre and I think they do the post rock and shoegaze parts as well as any of the stalwarts of those genres.

Rinse their Audiotree session often.



The criticism of them being not proper black metal has always been odd. Black metal is such a silly genre as it is. When I saw Satyricon they used the break in the encore to put corpse paint on


I like this meme.


Except neither of those bands are black metal :wink:

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