🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Deafheaven

From my limited knowledge of it, it does seem to be a genre where the fanbase is heavy on the roaster count. The fact that they’re American, have short hair and wear fairly normal clothing and got a lot of positive press from indie media outlets, it doesn’t surprise me that there’d be a backlash from some parts of the black metal community.

“I’ve always hated the high pitched metal vocal of bands like At the gates and Carcass so black metal was just a straight no for me”

I didn’t like either of these bands so there was no way I was listening to black metal. Never said they were BM :stuck_out_tongue:

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Got to disagree quite heavily with this!


slow to realise: I always thought this band were called deafhaven



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generous 3 but fell off pretty far
no they’re a 2 really when we’re talking all music ever

To be fair, I did say limited knowledge so I’ll bow out here. This is a thread for talking about Deafheaven and I don’t want to derail the topic talking about problematic sub-grenres of black metal.

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Never understood the hype and too many bands were trying to emulate their sound (which isn’t really their fault). I do listen to them quite often to see if I’m wrong at least, it just doesn’t stick with me.

Alcest is better.

I do love this tune though


This. Seeing as we’re unlikely to get an Alcest HGATR, they would be a straight 5.


Quite liked Sunbather but not as much as the hype it was getting, but then became obsessed with New Bemuda - it was just a much better version of the same thing. Loved the cheesiness of the one after (Corrupt ordinary human?) but found the latest one really dull. Enjoyed the pantomime vibe of them live too. good band


This one is my favourite though - from around the halfway point the build to the final release is perfect


I like the Oasis bits on Ordinary Corrupt Human Love


Totally not my thing initially, find black metal hilarious and exhausting (sorry) but got into them with Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, like the ridiculous guitar wig-outs on it, think that run of you without end, honeycomb and canary yellow is amazing. Vocals are a bit hit and miss on that, but it kind of clicks for me and i don’t mind them mixed with the instrumentation on OCHL.

Really like Infinite Granite and the more shoegaze sound though, aboslutely top draw stuff. Not heard any of the other albums, will check out Sunbather probably.

Oh, 5 for OCHL and IG being great.

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Never got the fuss about Deafheaven. Whenever i’ve listened to them, it’s always felt kind of empty. Everything about their sound came across sounding forced? Not sure that’s the right word tbh. I just always feel like i’m missing something or something is missing from them. I think I wanted them to be more bleak. I think it’s because I listened to them around the time I was getting into The Body and Wreck & Reference and a fair bit of dark ambient techno stuff like Low Jack and Ron Morelli, so they sounded almost positive in comparison, so they never clicked. Tried again since, but still didn’t do anything for me.

Here’s a good “FFO: Deafheaven” for those who don’t know and what to check out similar


Very similar for me. Would recommend going back to Sunbather, it rips! I should check out the new one, it’s kinda passed me by.

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On a similar note I’d highly recommend Sadness

Someone on here recommended them/him but basically there’s a new Deafheaven quality album/Ep every couple of months


I’ll use this recommendations subthread for MOL


Agree 100% on The Pecan Tree, it’s my favourite as well. The finale is so powerful, so satisfying. Makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up every time.


the easiest 5

I’m sorry Deafheaven, but I only have room for one melodic blackgaze band in my life and I’ve chosen Alcest.

Also your name is very similar to Deaf Havana and that’s just straight up confusing, sort it out.