🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 DJ Shadow

It is, very disappointing. A lot of the tracks are so bland, and just sound like a keyboard demo track. From some of the comments I wonder if he’s going to knock it on the head after the tour, sounds completely out of ideas

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Comments from him? What was said?

I couldn’t even make it through this album I was so bored.

It was a bit more heavily outlined in the mail out just before release (long deleted - sorry) but this touches on it:


Thanks for sharing that. It would be really sad if this was his last album, just because it’s such a boring record.

I’ve often thought he should pair up with an MC and do a full album, more focussed, more hip-hop based, maybe it’s time for something like that.

I think one disc of ‘our pathetic age’ is as near as we’ll get for a while, which is a shame. It would be good hopefully, but he does seem fairly stubborn about doing what he wants rather than what people might want…
This last album is an absolute shocker though, just seems so lazy, at least in the past if you didn’t like the styles, you could appreciate the crafting…

To be fair I don’t think any artist should feel beholden to what they think other people want from them. They should always follow their own muse.

But Shadow is an interesting case in an artist vehemently ditching a very unique and identifiable sound that people love very much, in search of something else. But I just don’t think he’s ever found that something else.


Oh I agree, it’s just sometimes it’s felt like he’s done it to be a contrarian rather than that’s what he wants to make!

Was it on these boards that I read he was basically forced to stop sampling because those he was sampling caught on and started charging too much for royalties? So it was too costly and took too much time to put a beat together and then find half the sample wouldn’t be cleared.

Feel sorry for him if that’s the case - it might not necessarily have been him ditching it rather he had to find another way to make music. His career post Private Press certainly sounds like him wandering around feeling out where he might have fit in.

He talks a bit about it in this article.

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