🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Doves

I do enjoy how they used to be this


Realistically a high 3/5, but gonna vote them up to a 5 because I can, and they were a big part of my music discovery as a teenager.

I had the first broadcast video from a Skateboarding company called Blueprint and the soundtrack was full of obscure (to me at the time) British bands.


Remember hearing Here It Comes for the first time and being transfixed. Spent ages playing Vaughan Baker’s part back over and over. The track really got its claws into me. Went out and got Lost Souls and consumed it. A couple of months later the video for There Goes The Fear came out and was shown a whole bunch on MTV2. 15yo rich-t thought this was brilliant, a clear move on in sound from the first album I’d heard and the other singles backed that up. Listened to that album a whole bunch on my paper round. Thought some cities was a great album, and still do tbf, possibly my favourite of theirs, but kingdom of rust was a clear misstep, a couple of singles aside. The comeback album last year was a good listen but it’s not one I’ve come back to much since it’s release.

Not ground breaking but those first 3 albums are such a big part of a specific period of my life that I can’t not score them a 5


Very dull band.

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They’re just OK, aren’t they? Nothing to get too excited about but nothing to offend either. With a spattering of really good songs to elevate them a little above blandness.

Cedar Room is fantastic. The Last Broadcast is a very good album. I don’t think I’ve listened to anything post Some Cities.

5, Lost Souls is a safety blanket of an album for me, adore it. The rest of their output is mixed but 5 anyway.


Oooh I’m going to vote in this one, I think! I’ll post in greater detail later, as I’m at work at the moment, but I think I’m going to go for a 4.

Really like Doves. Last album is low key good (Prisoners is a tune) but my favourite record is Kingdom of Rust.

Solid band for me. 4/5

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Saw them live supporting someone once (Oasis, maybe?)

Was not excited enough by them to check out any of their music. Don’t mind Man Who Told Everything though.


really dull. although i did hear a song once and think wow, this is really lovely - but i’ve never been able to find it since. Every time i’ve tried to find it i’ve been bored by what i’ve heard.

Cool story i know.

1/5 for that song as it must exists somewhere.

Covered King Crimson? ???/5

There goes the fear is an amazing song, never got into anything else they did.


The Last Broadcast is just the most “being 15” album for me, the chiming guitars on the last verse of Words and the whole of There Goes The Fear.

Not sure if I should give them a 4 or a 5, as I’ve only heard (and really liked) a few other songs of theirs; might lump it on 4 for now then think about changing it later today.

Wrote the second best song called Sea Song as well, so well done them!

I was at that Barras gig! It was the day the album came out i think so me and my mates were trying to squeeze in one full listen of the album on the way there. If i remember correctly, the last two songs were ‘Hit The Ground Running’ & ‘Space Face’…great gig!

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Relate to this. Found them dull for a long time and then heard this and it all opened up for me. Some really great songwriting and lovely warm feels.



Sort of covered, sort of stole, sort of adapted.

aye you’re right, it was during “space face” that i ended up accidentally cracking my mate, was a great night :grin:

  1. Anyone who says they’re dull can’t have listened to them properly, much more going on than their reputation suggestions (same applies to Elbow).

The Last Broadcast was always the album we put on at the end of a long night as the sun came up, worked perfectly for that moment.

Never much rated Cities or Rust at the time but I think they really hold up now, and the last one brought much joy to a year where that was much needed.

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100% this. Doves should have the same acclaim/success as Elbow, for two bands in roughly the same area musically Doves are far superior.

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Dropped a Clanger there.

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Obligatory b-side post