🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Ed Sheeran

I know someone who works at his label, though not directly with him, and they said apparently he’s the absolute easiest person to work with because he thinks about music in the same way his management do. Like he’s primarily interested in shifting as many records as possible so they don’t have the normal friction between an artist’s vision and the label’s profits.


I take back my nice guy comment. Not sure I’d seen him in much outside of like Comic Relief skits or whatever.

Castle on a Hill still slaps though

Yeah, that’s my biggest issue, both with him and Taylor Swift - they’ve got a few decent tunes but it seems like someone slighted them at school and they’ve decided to win at capitalism to get back at them.


Ol Teddy Sheeran

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Ahh fuck didn’t mean to pick an album. Nice Guy prick. 1

is this a thing? struggling to imagine it. I might have to go lower than 1.

I don’t know much about him but he annoyed the shit out of me in the beatles film and anything i have heard has been very dull. His voice is irritating.

Just listened to this one for the first time and despite the fact that there’s already plenty of negativity in this thread already, I felt the need to reply and strongly disagree with this. It’s also fucking shit, and since it’s the only song someone’s tried to defend in this thread, I’m comfortable with my 1.


Wasn’t there a whole thing about him being on 1xtra a few years back that people weren’t happy about?

I worked in an office where we had to listen to Heart FM EVERY DAY and they play him about 15 times a day. To make things worse this was around the time of Galway Girl.

If i never hear an Ed Sheeran song again it’ll still be too soon

1 (as i cant choose zero)

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Ed Sheeran won’t see your comments about how he’s a 1/5 artist, but all your DiS friends who are talentless worms will, so think before you post.



I’ve heard two songs. One is Shape of You, which is somehow not as bad as the other, which is Galway Girl.

Fuck off.

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I honestly don’t know. Was thinking about googling but then he’s so uninspiring i just couldn’t be arsed.

Surprised i made it into the thread to be honest. Think i just felt like being mean but now i’m in here i’ve realised he doesn’t even deserve that as he’s just so bland!

The kicking Glaway Girl is getting is tempting me in but…hopefully the shopping will come before i cave in

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I just really relate to it. Not a lot of pop songs about growing up in the shitty British countryside, it’s a niche I appreciate.

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I read something about how a striking number of his tracks have intros of around 30 seconds before the actual song starts. Because Spotify pays you for a play if you get past 30 seconds. Prick.

Fair enough, not meaning to shit on you personally here, just was nice to have a convenient validator.

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This is essentially Orwell’s “Two Minutes of Hate” for ageing Indie-kids isn’t it?

As the teens of today say “I’m here for it”.



No worries, I’m still happily on the Sheeran is shit train


His glasses look like the eyes are painted on. Bet he doesn’t even need them and wears them for fashion. Twat

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ohh fuuuuuuuck you man. I’m never going to unsee that

arggghh i hate myself for clicking it