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Took me a while to warm to them. Actively disliked the “quirkiness” that permeated their debut, then tried again with Arc but was left quite cold. Something clicked around Get To Heaven. Once I’d gotten over the vocal approach, I did begin to love them. It’s not easy being at times funny, anthemic, with musical heft, and genuinely odd. Great band.

Saw a support band once, they were really heavy but i didn’t really like them, they’d released 2 albums that were intended to be played simultaneously.

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Yeah Neurosis did it with Times of Grace/Grace and as the article says Flaming Lips did a 4LP thing like it

I like the idea of it in the old days where you would have to hunt down copies/get set up to play them whereas these days someone just puts it on youtube mashed together so its a bit more meh.

Congrats to Yvash on a great piece. If I wasn’t already a huge fan of EE, I would be now after reading that.

As others have said, seem to be the definitive marmite band!

I highly recommend listening to Man Alive with the lyric sheet. It’s difficult to believe a human can either write such things, or sing them. Bonkers.