🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Foals

Baffled as to why everyone hates that. Not cos I love it, just don’t get how it’s wildly different to previous Foals.
Bit out the loop with them though.


Yeah, it’s definitely not as bad as The Love Within, which remains my favourite so bad it’s good song of all time. This just feels like Foals doing their big-tent indie dance thing.

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Sounds like something Simple Minds might release in 2021.

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Glad they are going away from their “filthy” riffs this time around, but yeah this is just another Foals song. Tough to get excited about. Does it sound like garbage to anyone else? Feels like there’s no breathing room right from the start

I am taking this as a positive

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Enjoyed that! Sounds like Speaking in Tonges era Talking Heads to me

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To me it just sounds like they’ve gone ‘let’s do disco!’ and gone for the most meat and two veg disco sound you could make.

Just sounds really flat and lifeless. No joy or tune, really lazy hook. Expect much better from them.

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The song gets better as it goes along. The riff is very close to the one from this.

Which is taken from People are People by Depeche mode.
So there.

Musically I actually like this. But they are like a few bands I could mention, who started their careers with fairly obscure lyrics, then as time went on they stopped doing this and you were left thinking “maybe the obscure lyrics were just them mashing a load of words together, rather than being deep and meaningful…”

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Just realised what it remind me of a load; it sounds like they’ve tried to macho up New Beat by Tory y Moi

Think they realised their last album was shit and needed a boost


It’s amazing how the last album put me off the band. I haven’t listened to a single song of theirs since my first listen to it. :confused:

Yeah…that last record was a bit of a stinker. Hope they can turn the ship around

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They recovered just about after What Went Down tbf

i thought Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1 was amazing; some of their best stuff ever on that. They never play much off it live, it seems. Never heard much of the last one…


Yeah they never should have put out part 2 or that last album. Part 1 was good.


The last song on part 2 is amazing.

Should have merged the better parts of 1 & 2 (Black Bull and the last couple of tracks), would have had a very tidy album there.

On a side note Spotify keeps auto playing this and I keep thinking it’s from the last Foals album

And now I’m thinking about Foals, I’ve just realised they put those cool Kieran Hebden versions of songs up on Spotify.

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Yeah - noticed those the other day when I was having a canter through the backlist. What’s the story with them?