🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Foals

Yeah I’ve found this too – the students here never seemed that interested in live music.

I say ‘never’, my first visit to Oxford was 2006 and I moved here in 2008, so I’m not talking about ancient history.

The Wheatsheaf hasn’t reopened (as a venue) and all the equipment has been taken out, so that’s another one gone. There are no venues in the city centre at all now.

Difficult one. Loved the early singles and demos and the momentum for them pre-antedotes was really exciting. The album felt a little flat to me and lacked the energy of the early singles and live shows. Have always wondered what the scrapped Dave Sitek recordings sounded like. Have dipped in and out of later albums, which have some really good moments. I think Holy Fire may be their best tbh, even if it trails of a little.

That said, they’re an incredible live band, early shows at the Cellar Bar, Reading 2007, Zodiac (supported by Metronamy) but also on bigger stages more recently when I’ve caught them.

Maybs a 4


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Reckon a 2.8er


It’s a 2.76 for Foals!

Wow that wasn’t far off.
Might do the lotto :grinning:


Lowly 3.65 for those that care

i went for a 4 for foals. they can be hit and miss on certain records but i think when they’re good they’re really fucking good.
first time i went to sxsw i caught them in a really small venue and then followed them as they played another really small venue that same day. they were fucking brilliant.
steve lamaq asked if he could interview me for 6 music and i agreed. he started laughing about a minute into the interview and said ’ there’s no way we can use this, you’re saying fuck about every third word’ :slight_smile:

anyway, have seen them quite a few times live and they’re always brilliant.


I used to like the song bunnies when it came out but never knew what they were like as a band. I probably remember them once in a while.

I will refrain from ever mentioning them again cheers

really surprised the whole thread hasn’t been along these lines

first two singles were fun at the time but don’t hold up

bemused at how big they got

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gonna listen to Vessels, who live up to the sort of influences claimed by + unlived up to by Foals


I don’t think he’s a fully paid-up member of Foals but this album is worth a listen

The post rock band who became a much better dance act?

idk, never listened beyond the first two, which are the ones that sound in many ways like the band I hoped Foals would be


Kit’s not a member of Foals at all, is he? Cool and good if he is, though.

Foals basically decided they wanted to be the biggest band in the country and signed up with Louise Mensch’s manager, and that’s possibly why their music became that kindof ersatz thing that it’s become.

They were (still are probably? Not seen them live for a decade) a phenomenal live band, and their early stuff was exciting and interesting. Would argue that they took the post-rock/Don Cab influences as a starting point to make “pop” music, which is kinda what they’ve done.

Yannis isn’t much of a lyricist, though, which is kinda funny.

yeah, he makes no sense to me as a frontperson. bad/annoying voice, rubs lyrics, terrible personality

seems like they succeeded in getting big, but idk. I perceived the first album in a post-Mirrored world, and in that context it seemed especially colourless?

first two singles were actually fun, at least at the time, tho

plays with them live.

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