🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Foals

tbf Foals managed to navigate the post-Mirrored world better than Battles themselves did.


Battles are shite and have always been shite.

Dire, dire band.

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I like them to an extent, although I don’t quite get the level of acclaim lavished on Mirrored beyond the big singles.

They have had a severe case of diminishing returns though, and I find it funny the way they’ve gradually shrunk as members have realised they can’t be arsed any more.

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Saw them play in Wigan. Just me and my mates watching them and about three other people.

(not as good a story as Fallowfield house party)

I mean, Battles lost Ty, who was the one who really elevated Mirrored

and Gloss Drop was pretty dece + still much more interesting/fun musically than anything Foals did, despite being a bit of a mess in terms of making up for the loss of Ty

I wouldn’t disagree that Foals navigated better, but I’d say that’s only because they had a much more single-minded and business-orientated plan, rather than them realising any of the potential of that math x pop idea

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did you not even dig ‘Atlas’?

the set I caught of theirs at ATP (I forget which one) was pure joy. never felt a bounce like the one during said tune

sing this hook oohweeooh
kitchen needs a cook oohweeooh

that was the sound of Leeds Fest 2007, great song


Battles have put out decent-great music after Mirrored, but I’d argue they never really switched up their ideas significatly, and have kind of been dwindling away in terms of critical acclaim and artistic relevance. It’s not a shocking or precipitous decline, but it’s basically been downhill on every measure since the debut. For a band hailed as being a new dawn for indie music, they got stuck in a rut pretty easily. Interesting to think where they might have gone if Ty had stuck around.

Battles were unbelievable until after the first record, then they got really shit really quickly I think.

Two great records and two good ones imo

EP collection is also good

EP collection is the best I think.

That sax sound that keeps appearing on Antidotes is a lot of shit.

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didn’t know they had a keyboardist

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Watched the Amazon documentary on them and he obviously wasn’t much longer for the band, seemed very genuine on the climate change stuff and said he couldn’t justify the carbon footprint of being a touring musician. Also he was going back to his hotel room to work on his maths degree after every gig whilst the rest of them went out on the piss.

Said doc is worth a watch for a good laugh at what a mardarse the drummer is.


What’s the documentary called?


Nah, seriously, it’s called Rip Up the Road, it’s on prime video and it’s OK


Is that the documentary were 2 of them come out of a toilet at Glastonbury having blatantly done coke. One of the most unsubtle things I’ve ever seen.