🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Foals

This feels a bit sad

Also A. K. Paul has better things to be cracking on with than this. Paul Institute obviously needs some money for the leccy.

literally the Coldplay of math rock.


Got annoyed at NME claiming this was a “comeback”

NME thesaurus has been broken by the Pandemic everyone is on a “comeback”.


That song is absolute fucking shit


Oh dear.


thats even worse than The Love Within

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Nah. I mean it’s shit but I genuinely laughed out loud the first time I heard the love within

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All those drum fills kept making me think it was going to break into Funky Cold Medina

at least that’s entertaining though. this is just woeful. glad to see they’ve heard a Chic record now though

Sounds like it’s been written solely to be the bed music in the bits where they say what’s coming up on match of the day


Oddly, given that I’ve never had much time for Foals, I kinda like this new track. I have no taste though.

This however is pretty bang on!

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Just sounds like Foals to me. Or rather all Foals since the first album.

I don’t hate it and I don’t love it.


I (generally) love Foals but I really hate this. We could seriously fall out if there’s an album full of garbage like this. :grimacing:

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I gave Foals a 5 up thread but this is :grimacing: I can’t place who the riff reminds me off and that’s annoying me as well.

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It’s almost as bad as the new Franz Ferdinand song !! But not quite :scream:

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I don’t mind the Franz Ferdinand song just for it being more annoyingly memorable than this.

Oh no.

I wish. If that were the case, they’d at least come up with some catchy tunes.

Can somebody please explain to me what’s so bad about it?

It’s far better than the usual dirgy shit they peddle (at least to me)