🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Frank Ocean

The back of the posters that were for sale seem to tell the story of why the album (it wasn’t an album it looks like 17 singles) that was meant to come out and didn’t.

In the summer of 2019, blonded produced a photo series shot on Thursday, August 8, 2019 by photographer Michael Marcelle. The photo series follows the story of a fictitious Recording Artist as he navigates the radio system. In one scene the actor Jeremy Strong plays a chairman of a major record label. On the walls: a clock, two framed records. The Chairman is falnked by another figure. Both are dressed in suits, wearing ties, and are positioned behind a long boardroom table. They are opposite a shadowed figure in the foreground - the Recording Artist - whose subjectivity the viewer is to inhabit. The Recording Artist attempts to explain to the major music label the singles distribution model as opposed to the long form album model. The Recording Artist beleives the latter to be outdated, and that releasing singles is more suited to modern consumption habits where people curate their own playlists which are then shared within private circles. The meeting does not appear to be productive. The photo series coincided with the planning of three blonded live radio events that year. They were held on thursday nights towards the end of 2019, in the basment of The Knockdown Center in Queens, New York. On October 19th, 24th and the 31st, 2019, doors opened at 10PM. A custom nightclub with vintage lighting fixtures was installed for the duration of each party. On the first night, Bouffant Bouffant played at 10:15PM, followed by Justice at midnight, Sango at 1:15AM and DJ Heather at 2:30 AM. Leeon, Arca, Papi Juice, Shyboi, Joey Labeija, Last Japan, and DJ Heather played sets on subsequent nights. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, these events were intended to grow from small club evenets to larger raves across the world. The Recording Artists has since changed his mind about the singles model, and is again interested in more durational bodies of work.

I want to be mad that he binned off 17 new singles because he changed his mind, but this would have been around the time he lost his brother.

Still though, guessing we already got 4 so that’s 13 Frank Ocean tracks never likely to see the light of day :sob::sob::sob:

There is at least one that is known to have been pressed as a 7" as well called These Days and the single Little Demon that Arca has been playing out again recently. You don’t know whether he will package all these up as one album and been done with it or so much time has past that he’s moved on and created something completely new. There are rumours that he finished another album in 2016 and he was sat on Blond for a very, very long time allegedly early 2015 was when a version of it was done. God knows what he has in the vault.

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I can’t see it personally. I think unless he’s happy with the whole project there’s no way he’s releasing it.

That’s the first I’ve heard of this one. I thought he’d been working on a Channel Orange follow up but didnt like what he had so scrapped everything and started over again (no idea if true). I’ve always wondered at what point in the creative process he knew what he was going to do with the Blonde and Endless, when he saw the big picture.

There is a picture online from early 2015 of him in front of a blackboard that when Blond came out people worked out was the track listing for Blond.

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Received this yet? I’m still waiting but obviously it’s international shipping during a time when all the post is delayed anyway

Not yet! I have the DHL tracking number so at least it’s en route (no updates since 17th Jan mind you)

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Hadn’t even realised we had a tracking number

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No update since 6th Jan!! Wtf they been doing for 2.5 weeks :melting_face:

Same for me, I chased them Friday but no response, at least reassuring it’s not just me!

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I’ve e-mailed them twice no response. I refer

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I sold my original pressing of blonde as I figured “it’ll be repressed soon…surely” after waiting months and months for that to arrive!

Hasn’t his store always been infamous for shipping issues?

Probably above infamous. Godlike?

Been waiting for my $25000 cock ring for years


Still the same situation for me too. Quick look at his subreddit and it seems like people in the US have had them but still others in the US in the same situation as us. Don’t think anyone in the UK has received it yet.

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Still find it absolutely bizarre that a record pressed in the Czech Republic has been shipped to Rutherford, New Jersey just to be shipped back to Manchester, England.


Oh yeah, agreed. Welcome to Frank Ocean.

Think you just don’t fully appreciate his Art, m8.

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Ha the tracking number has disappeared from DHL.

You’ve got to admire the consistency pure class.

Someones posted an update on reddit