🎡 How Good Are They Really 🎡 George Michael

Freeeek was/is a banger!


In 1984, aged 20, George Michael and Andrew Ridgely went to France and wrote Make It Big, featuring the singles Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, Everything She Wants (all-time best pop song), Freedom and Careless Whisper.

Twenty years of age. That is mad.



Fuuuuck I’d completely blanked this video from my mind! Bonkers

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Just an absolute monster of a song isn’t it? Studio must have been crackling After he put that vocal down. Ridiculous.


This probably just edges Father Figure for me. Some really beautiful lyrics in there.

And yes @Lo-Pan that hair is bloody magnificent


Who had this down as the HGATR thread that would have the most moving stories?

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Great hair! Also an impeccable barber, facial hair was also so top notch. Never a hair out of place. His sunglasses at all times too late in his career, I mean eat your heart out Bono.

Love me a bit of George Michael β€˜Freedom’ is an absolute banger.

Straight fucking jam here.


Never really had much time for his solo stuff, other than there being some great pop songs. Loved Wham as a kid and sort of dismissed them when I got into β€˜proper’ music, but going back to those songs when he died, some of the lyrics are superb.
Different Corner (solo I know, but written when he was 19!) in particular, but for an all time pop banger, Freedom has some great, sophisticated lyrics.

3 out of 5 though as I don’t know enough of his solo stuff.

What better tribute to the man than an Alien Ant Farm cover featuring members of 311, ICP, POD and Hoobastank?


Absolutely no way I am pressing play on that…


You will do when I say it also has members of Crazy Town and Drowning Pool show up


Enjoyed his best stuff - seemed like a nice bloke. Something of the Gerry Anderson puppet to him in that picture though.

Score soon…

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This will be really embarrassing I bet

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3.41 Just above Madonna. Just below Idlewild.


George Michael not as good as Carly Rae Jepsen.

there’s an ad doing the rounds atm that uses that really really really like you song and it makes me want to throw my telly out the window

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4 from me. A great pop star.
Fastlove my favourite track - pop perfection.
Despite all his troubles, he seemed a good guy. Remember Billy Bragg paying him a lovely tribute after he’d died, saying he was a true activist for all the help and support he gave to the miners and the NHS.

Just you referencing that has put it in my head, and I’m so angry now.