🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Girls Aloud


Getting nowhere in the presale here

Tickettek sound like a real company who know what they re doing…

Wife hasnt received her presale code, any good souls have one to share?

The email might have gone into the junk folder.


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Top work

We managed to get tickets using the O2 presale, not the Ticketek website, which seems totally inadequate.

compared to all the other big show prices which have popped up on here this year these actually look reasonable - especially the best ‘only’ being just over 200 hundred.

Had a few browsers on the go with ticketek links refreshing, getting nowhere, then clicked the link on the email again and it took me straight to the ticketmaster seat selection page for the Hydro, so managed to get there in the end.

dreadful website but we goin.

Extra dates on sale now. Got decent seats for London.

31? bloody kids.

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A thoroughly decent album which criminally undersold. It’s a crying shame she’s never made another solo record.