🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Girls Aloud

Sound of the underground is a stone cold banger. Other stuff sits between OK and pish. They’re no one true voice


easiest 5 of the lot, banging tunes, good vibes, 5 dimes. hooray.

edit: just remembered the nightclub thing so downgraded to a 4


Javine was robbed btw

Popstars: The Rivals was fantastic, wish they’d do that format again


Weird that I think Sugababes songs are generally much better

it isn’t weird, they are


I think the idea isn’t really a bad one nor is it necessarily original. I’m sure there are other artists who’ve gone about songwriting like this. I just found the execution on GA songs I heard was more jarring, particularly that one.

And with the other stuff it just didn’t land at all.

different strokes I guess.

Best bit of Biology?

  • First bit (dirty brain)
  • Second bit (I got one Alabama return)
  • Third bit (A GIRL’S GOT TO ZIP IT UP)

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More or less single handedly responsible for bringing the South Africans @Rarity, @xcheopis and co over to DiS, therefore they’re worthy of at least a 4.

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Best one? (soz funkhouser)

  • Cheryl the racist
  • Kimberley
  • Nadine
  • Sarah

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Not including Nicola cos she’d win easily

I don’t remember their involvement



They came here because of the MP’s previous postings, no? The original thread that Guido surfaced was about Girls Aloud.

HOLY SHIT Girls Aloud are the BEST like it’s not even close

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think cheryl held them back and is wrongly described as the dimey-ist of these dimes, very sad.

ahhhh yes!

Like seriously who would have thought that some group of reality stars would click together to produce some of the sharpest, dirtiest pop hits of our generation? Hear’say had crashed and burned, Will Young was kinda ehhhh, I don’t even remember who won Pop Idol 2 that’s how important they were and then here come Girls Aloud and holy shit they blew everything up. Sound of the Underground felt so fresh and current and was a huge statement of intent and things only got better from there. You’ve got the bleakness of Life Got Cold, you’ve got the old-timey swing of Love Machine, you’ve got EVERY SINGLE FUCKING THING of Biology, you’ve got the heady bliss of Call The Shots, you’ve got the throwback pizazz of The Promise, and that’s not mentioning the deep dives you can get from their albums. It’s just complete greatness from start to finish. Girls Aloud defined a decade, they’re the best girl band of all time and it’s not even a contest.


so many bangers

Buzzing to get into work and do a Girls Aloud singles retrospective now :grinning:

Nicola loves Thatcher