🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Girls Aloud

I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it! There’s some big players coming up in the next 10 or so on the list, hopefully they’ll be as fun.

Really tempted to spend a tenner on seeing this series again (unless anybody knows where I’d be able to find it for free/. on sky or whatever)

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Me too, and I’ve got my playlist ready for heading home shortly. My fellow commuters on the front carriage of the 17.26 are in for a helluva treat tonight :smiley:

omg I’d totally watch this again

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they have used ones from 27 pence!!!

plus postage.

SO basically £2.50ish

just bought it. :grin::star_struck:

I’ll watch it and then post it to you @Scunner



Not sure anyone tops Girls Aloud for me tbh

Rihanna is on the list.

Tell me more

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Think it’s the racist incident, m789890

(or that insipid cover of I Think We’re Alone Now)


Oh, that means i wasnt wrong for thinking Cheryl was a massive spanner?

changed my vote from a 3 to a 4


Me too shrewbo. Listened to a bit of the greatest hits on my way home and felt inspired to up my score.

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just noticed that Nicola was only 27 when they split up

also, sound of the underground is a good tune but i’d love to hear what it would sound like if it was produced now

the quality of production on the biggest pop tunes now is absolutely miles ahead of the average big pop tune in 2002

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fucking hell yes it’d be a monster

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Can’t help but notice that there’s a correlation between good posters and people rating 4 or 5. Think some of the people who rated lower need to take a long hard look at what this means about themselves :thinking:


I wonder how many of the Chemistry voters have heard Out of Control… if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat!

Girls Aloud are my go to answer for artist who got better with every album. (Pre-2017 it was Los Campesinos!)

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I have this DVD, it is the most precious thing I own. SO many highlights, I’ll not spoil any of them, but it is beyond beyond incredible