🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Goldfrapp

Their weakest album is getting reissued…


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They passionately hated this album about 5 minutes after releasing it, I don’t like it much either except for Rocket.

The bump made me read the thread back, quite a quiet HGATR, thought they’d be a bit more popular. I love Goldfrapp when they play up the mystery and beauty. Three tremendous albums, Felt Mountain is a melting pot of lots things I like, Morricone, Barry and oompah. Seventh Tree has my favourite Frapp pop songs on it and sparked an interest in Nick Drake, particularly the arrangements on his songs by Robert Kirby, and all dressed up in a big pagan owl costume too. Tales of Us is plain gorgeous and I’m very jealous of anyone who caught them touring it.

Quite fancy a new album now, think we are about due something lush.


don’t think i participted in this at the time. my mates made me go to watch goldfrapp at a glastonbury, i assumed i would hate it, we got there, i did, i walked off into the woods bit, and then i lost all my friends for the rest of the night

New Goldfrapp colab with Royksopp


It’s lovely. Unsurprisingly.


The Royksopp & Robyn EP was phenomenal, hope there’s something similar in the works with Alison.


Omg yes

My goodness it was, and this too would be. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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Aside from Broadcast, is there another artist that has more perfectly spanned the 60s and 90s/00s cinematic connection?

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Bit weird to only be doing seven tracks off Felt Mountain on the Felt Mountain tour