🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Gorillaz

Demon Days was teh first record I ever ordered online
remember how ubiquitous Feel Good Inc. was when it came out

don’t really keep up with their new stuff but glad they still exist

Love blur but can’t imagine a more 3/5 band than Gorillaz.

One of the best pop acts of the past 20 years. Demon Days is a top-20 if not top-10 album for the 2000s, Plastic Beach is bloated but there’s so many highs. And then the run of singles is just phenomenal. The fact that they were able to chuck out tracks like Doncomatic as b-sides is ridiculous.

Always had a soft spot for Humility. Nobody seems to rate it but I think it’s lovely. Possibly clouded by my love of George Benson as he is an important artist for my old man

Last year’s album was really excellent too. The inclusion of Octavian on one track and the subsequent revelations about him has dampened the experience but it’s mostly a fantastic effort. Desolé is incredible

Big old 5 for me


Forgot about Humility, nice track. Loved the video

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Had one of my first encounters with this kind of thing as a kid when I was playing Demon Days in the car and I told my Mam that Ike Turner was on the keys for Every Planet We Reach is Dead. Course she told me exactly what he was like

Did not know this. Fuck’s sake.

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It really was uncomfortable at the time might have just been where we were in the crowd but there was a lot of piss taking going on and whistling just before he started pleading with the crowd almost to the point that people thought they weren’t going to do an encore.

Yeah, generous 4/5

Loved the s/t as a kid (like, was obsessed with it) but for years I only engaged with the singles off the subsequent albums. Went back to them more in the run up to Humanz and was pleasantly surprised, as others have said they are all a bit spotty but the hit count is surprisingly high.

I weirdly still like The Now Now a lot, probably the Gorillaz album that I listen from start to finish the most (Souk Eye :heart_eyes:). The album last year was nice enough, some fantastic tracks but then some that I have to skip which isn’t great.

Ah didn’t realise you were actually there, thought you meant literally from that video, fair enough

Weren’t Gorillaz a super late replacement for someone that day so the crowd were mostly expecting someone else?

U2 just found The Guardian review of it:

Bumped into someone who saw them at the Roundhouse before Glastonbury and he said they were amazing. The main issue was that it wasn’t a festival set so while I loved seeing the Lebanese National Orchestra for Oriental Arabic Music warm up before White Flag my mates just wanted to drink and see Clint Eastwood.

Not super late, but they were a replacement for U2. The narrative is that they lost the crowd more or less immediately by not bringing out Snoop. Pirate Jet was extremely misjudged too, but almost every other part of that set looked incredible on TV at least.

They were my second ever gig, incredible show on that tour. Don’t Get Lost In Heaven/Demon Days one of the best closers I’ve ever seen

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Absolutely loved the debut, was a big soundtrack that summer when I was at uni, such a great leftfield pop record. Then they followed it up with Demon Days and Plastic Beach (though PB was like 9 years! later). Their trajectory’s dipped since then, but there’s good stuff across all their albums and I’m always interested to check out their new stuff. The G and D Sides comps are worth a listen, and the Laika Come Home dub album of the self-titled by Spacemonkeyz is brilliant. 5


They’re alright, liked some stuff on the original run of albums but rarely listen to a full album. Haven’t listened to any of the new albums - meant to, but then more kept coming and I couldn’t be bothered.

We are flying through all of the bands that were important to me in my teens

I can still remember the first time I ever heard them, was at my mates and Clint Eastwood came on MTV and I was transfixed. Was obsessed with the first album, and G-Sides too.

And then weirdly, never got into the second album other than Feel Good Inc. In fact I’m not sure I ever owned it, don’t think I thought they were legit or cool at the time so never bothered. I like the album a lot now having returned to it.

Plastic Beach is my favourite, I adore the production. Feels like the soundtrack to the year I lived in Yorkshire, which was a really crappy, lonely year, so cheers. Stylo, On Melancholy Hill and Empire Ants (man, the way that takes off) are all-timers

The Fall doesn’t exist

Humanz got a real kicking, especially by Gorillaz fans, but it’s one of my favourites. Can’t believe Out of Body wasn’t included, it’s such a banger:

Saw them live for the first time around this time, in Vienna. It was limp. Not sure if it was the venue or what, it just didn’t click. However, Little Simz supported and she was shit hot so it wasn’t a wasted evening.

The Now Now is good, it’s up and down but largely it’s a fun listen. Souk Eye especially, what a treat.

Not on board with Song Machine at all, don’t rate it whatsoever, but I know from history that they’ll do something I love again in the future.

Shout-out to Doncamatic too.

It’s a comfortable 5.


I really liked the first album at the time. Not listened to much since, other than the singles. I like Damon’s musical ideas, but increasingly his personal vocal choices are not for me. There’s a track that I’ve heard on Jamz Supernova’s show a couple of times with him guesting and idk, it sounds out of place. I mention that, because the person he’s guesting on was saying how Gorillaz were a big influence growing up and it struck me that they were probably really huge with kids in the early 2000s. They bridged a lot of popular genres.

Also mad that what seemed like a side project at the time is now more of Damon’s main thing, 20 years later. I saw their Glastonbury set in 2010, and thought it was decent enough, idk, can’t remember it too well. Not really sure how to rate them, because they are really good at what they do, but I’m not that fussed.


Pleased that melancholy hill is so popular, just one of those lovely low-key melodies that Albarn is fantastic at conjuring up, the way it swoons and sighs, it could go on forever





I don’t really have much to say about them but I did like how they got Del Tha Funkee Homosapien to be prominent in one of the biggest 00s songs


Somewhere between 3 or 4 depending on how generous I’m feeling, only really like the first couple records and not really bothered with them since, saw them live finally a couple years ago and actually found it a bit dull but I think that’s partly because I’m so far removed from them I hardly knew any songs.

At their best though they were fantastic

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