🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Green Day

I can’t think of any other album where each song is pretty much exactly as good as every other one. I’d probably come up with a completely different ranking each time.

Exact same score as Metallica. You guys are ragging pretty hard on 15-year-old me’s awesome minidisc playlists here.

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Noooooo - I missed this poll :frowning:

It’s Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer - show some respect Pervy :wink:


I would’ve voted 5/5 of course, a very important band to me and I still get excited when they announce new material/tours etc.

Dookie didn’t leave my walkman throughout the summer of '95 and, simply because of that, and having absolutely no inclination whatsoever before hearing that album, I begun learning the drums because of Mr Wright III (and subsequently I formed bands, played gigs, recorded music etc).

Kerplunk, Dookie, Warning is my top 3 in terms of albums.

I’m not naive enough to think the output post-American Idiot hasn’t been patchy, but Uno is a solid rock album, Tre has some good tunes and Dos was the experimental one that missed the mark somewhat. Revolution Radio was a return to form, in terms of the band just making straight-up rock n roll, but this new single is gonna take a bit of getting used to methinks (hopefully the whole album won’t have such altered vocals).

Seen them at every London gig bar one since the turn of the century, (including a small one at Kings College circa Warning which was awesome), plenty of times at Reading, once at the Roskilde Festival and I’ve only ever left early once and that was to rush over to The Garage where Foxboro Hottubs played a 1am show :green_heart:


jesus christ


I like this new Hives song.

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turns out I love green day


Bold move, getting a new vocalist 30 years into your career. :wink:

Decided to listen to that, the new Blink-182 EP and the new Puddle of Mudd single yesterday out of curiosity. I’m 34 now and twice as unsure as I would have been at 17 if all of them were a 0 or 10/10. The PoM single was a bit like this:

Got tickets for the London Stadium show and will definitely be proposing a DIS Pop Punk Nostalgia Meat nearer the time.


Is this a parody? I instantly assumed so but the internet suggests they’re actually serious??

Q. Why are these threads not in the music forum?

And when are we going to do some good bands again?


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A: So people post in them.

Also :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


Like many it’s a 3/5 from me but I’m coming at it in a very different direction. I was too young to know about them in the mid 90s and then my high school was all about rap rather rock so it was only American Idiot where I was introduced to them. The title track’s not great but I like the rest of it and after going back over the older material it’s the still the one I’m most drawn towards. It was really the first time I’d seen mainstream music get political and that’s something you don’t see in chart music any more cause capitalism has killed the concept of protest songs. So yes, I was into them for a little while but overall bang average.