🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Guns N' Roses

2.26 for GNR!

Would love some of that thread, I was raised on butt rock. The first four VH albums tower above that stuff, and so does DLR’s ‘Eat ‘em and Smile’ and the collected works of Hanoi Rocks, but still have plenty of time for Hysteria, Faster Pussycat’s Faster Pussycat, L.A. Guns’ ‘Cocked and Loaded’, Motley Crue, ‘Too Fast for Love’ and ‘Shout at the Devil’, Kix ‘Blow my Fuse’, Tesla ‘Mechanical Resonance’ and Lord knows what else.

You could be mine.


November Rain!!

Is it non singles?
Get In The Ring would be funny


nothin’ but a good time here my butt rock friends:

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Have done it now. Don’t like having them on there at all but I’m a fair and reasonable man.

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sof the best songs on the playlist you’ve got there now

how did it take me this long to remember that there a Snuff offshoot band called Guns ‘n’ Wankers?


some of The Wildhearts too isn’t it?

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think some of Wat Tyler were involved and all

I voted 3 for the Use Your Illusion 1 and 2 albums because they’re completely bananas I can’t resist such nonsense.

“What’s so civil about war anyway” and from the same song "we’re
The ‘phone call’ during their cover of Knockin on Heaven’s Door
Whichever track has Axl quoting Vanishing Point a full six years before Primal Scream discovered it
Get in the Ring (all of it)

I mean, it’s all rubbish, but entertainingly so.

I never really liked Appetite, but am aware of it’s classic status, although like many classic albums I’ve heard it all so many times that when someone puts it on a party, I just go “oh for fuck’s sake” *

*I don’t got to a lot of parties, but the odds that Sweet Child 'O mine gets played at one is very high.

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Finally? Are you saying RHCP had some redeeming features?

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Have some good memories associated with them but mainly because mates of mine are huge fans. I enjoy a few singles like Welcome to the Jungle and Sweet Child O’ Mine and the T2 one but they’re not exactly my sort of band.

The documentary where Axl or Slash explained the whole weird reason they stopped working together around someone’s soul leaving their body or whatever was an interesting watch but the entire 80s pre-megafame bit sounded like a horror show of #metoo shit, relayed by guys who didn’t even seem to realise how terrible it sounded.

Played with them before lol

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Yes, Californiacation is a good album.

that’s literally it though

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Didn’t know that they released a new single a couple of weeks ago.
Slash and Duff on it.

Doesnt sound like them and sounds a bit dated but I dont actually mind it

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Didn’t really enjoy it that much (this is from someone who enjoyed some buts of Chinese Democracy!)

I know he can’t sing anymore but the vocal effects are too much. Glad Slash and DUff are on it but it’s a leftiover from Chinese Democracy i think. Be good if they wrote something together.

Needs to be a 10 plus minute stadium epic none of this nonsense

I like the guitar riff on it, but, as you say, the vocal effects are over the top.

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