🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Hall & Oates

It’s probably something as simple as ‘what your parents listened to when you were a kid’. With an average of (say) 30 years between generations, the children whose parents grew up in the 60s were probably likely to get into 60s (or 60s influenced) music in the 90s (see Britpop). So the children whose parents grew up in the late 70s/early 80s were probably likely to get into that kind of music if they were teenagers circa 2010.


Loving this back to back juxtaposition.


Yeah it seems like they created it

I had assumed it predated it and the show just kickstarted the revival and popularity

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BTW I have no massive beef with Hall & Oates - am sure they’re a lot of fun, but they’ve just escaped me.

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Oh totally except Hall&Oats weren’t that popular in the UK were they? Loads of parents will have had Human League or Yazoo but H&O?

This one is specifically created to be silly though.

Oat so simply shite.


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Never said it wasn’t.

Re. Yacht Rock, there was a really good Katy Puckrik doco on it not long ago, would recommend. iPlayer, I think. 3 for H&O for me, some right tunes in their locker.

Edit: sorry, not meant as a reply @Funkhouser

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Aside from knowing their song that is in the big dance sequence of 500 Days of Summer (Dreams Come True?) I don’t know them at all, but that song is catchy.

5 for Oates looking like Kevin Webster


Yeah it was just AOR when we were growing up.

No real opinion on H&O though to be honest, and i may know 5 of the songs if they were on Now comps circa '85 - '91 but couldn’t tell you.

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Love the keyboard sounds on ‘I Can’t Go For That’ and I like some of the singles. We had some of their albums in my old house but we only played them through once, which is a bad sign coming from a house of music obsessives.

2/5 for the singles.

Incidentally, they made a live album in the late eighties with The Temptations which I have been morbidly curious about for some time. So bizarre that Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin would play a gig at the Apollo with Hall and Oates.

Ok now I have to hear this.


I think Hall & Oates have some cracking tunes.

I Can’t Go For That, Out of Touch, Maneater, Private Eyes. All absolutely killer laser-precise pop-perfection.

I remember that my mate had a best of tape in his car - guess it was his mum’s - when a few of us were first able to drive, and initially we would put it on ironically whilst cruising to McDonalds or whatever, but then we eventually all realised that it was actually fucking great.

Such a great groove. Smooth AF.


I’m going to listen to it during work today and I’ll report back.

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weirdly hardly familiar with anything they’ve done
hope we get the chance to talk about steely dan in this thread soon

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Another vote for Davidoff cool don’t recognise 5 songs from that list either. Abstain. Take that funky.


Reckon they’re one of those bands where a lot of people don’t know the songs from the names, but would hear them and go “Oh! That’s Hall & Oates is it?”