🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Hall & Oates

Damn I missed this one. Not as much chat as I’d hoped, although I figured most folks wouldn’t know much beyond the singles. On paper they seem like a group you could get away with just checking the hits and moving on, but I’d challenge that. H&O are most def a 4.5/5 in my book and I bet open-minded dissers would really enjoy their output if they gave them a shot. I don’t think their greatest hits tell the whole story.

I really love the breeziness of luncheonette and it contains a perfect opening 1-2 punch:

I pretty much love all of the singles but i think i’d have to go w out of touch as my favorite.

some other favorites deeper-ish cuts:

  • mano a mano
  • talking all night
  • who said the world was fair
  • sometimes a mind changes
  • its uncanny
  • better watch your back
  • go solo
  • alone too long
  • bank on your love

gotta shout out daryl for jumping on a b-legit song too:

Live at Daryls house is a complete joy. That show is really what made me fall in love with their music and got me to go through the catalog and dive deep. You can really just feel how much Daryl loves creating and performing music and his guests are (mostly) always great. I think he’s a studio session cat at heart. His voice is still great, too. Think I’ve seen 80-90% of the episodes/performances. It was this chromeo performance specifically that hooked me, the whole episode is so fun.

If the first minute of I can’t go for that doesn’t get your head bobbing then you’re probably not a real human. truly a perfect intro with an iconic bass line.


Finally giving the lads a listen with ‘The Essential Collection’. I want to hate it and I sort of do but I also am not turning it off.

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Theyll hook you at some point

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Still being sampled after all these years (although I don’t think this is very good, personally)

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thats pretty lazy.

Hall: 1. Oates: a stone-cold 5. So overall, 1.

When I saw them live Oates did fuck all - no backing vox, no guitar solos (someone else did them). Didn’t really need to be there. Maybe he was poorly

Sampled more often than you’d think, tbf.