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theyre fine/good.

how good is Auf der Maur the album by Melissa Auf der Maur

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Maybe I should give it another go? Just didn’t like it at all at the time of release.

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It’s a five from me purely for how much I love Live Through This and Celebrity Skin.

Hole at Brixton Academy in 1995 were phenomenal; one of my best gigs ever. Hole again at Brixton in 1999 was also a stunning gig.

another abstain from me. know a few tracks which i like but nothing apart from that.

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Exactly how I voted

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I’ve gone with a high 3. Live Through This is a brilliant album, but I’ve never really engaged with their stuff outside of that, apart from the singles from Celebrity Skin.

I saw them at Reading in '94 and it was a really uncomfortable show. Courtney obviously still in a pretty bad way after Kurt’s death and it felt a little bit like a freak-show. They still rocked hard though.

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Careful, mate. Billy corgan co-wrote it.


Strong 4.

Live through This is fucking brilliant. Only got into them a few years ago, never knew much about them, but that album was an instant love.

Celebrity Skin as an album is pretty weak I think

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Standing by with the :rotating_light:


‘Shocking’ how much shit she’s got over the years (in quotes because it’s actually just to be expected). Live through this is a great bit of work, but Celebrity Skin is pure power. Think I’ll go a 4 as they really only have 2 classic albums

Strong 4… revisited Live Through This recently and it’s still excellent.

Most of Pretty on the Inside is unlistenable, Nobody’s Daughter is actually ok but lacks a little bit of edge in the recording (could say the same about Celebrity Skin in places I guess). But Live Through This is one of the best albums of all time, Celebrity Skin is great even if it’s shinier and more poppy (although I like how that clashes with some quite dark lyrics), and Courtney Love is one of the most amazing frontpeople of all time. 5/5.

Got into Celebrity Skin when I was in my first bout of depression at 15, then asked for Live Through This for Christmas and instantly stopped listening to pretty much anything else. It was definitely the right album at the right time but even away from that it sounds so raw and strong and uniquely feminine. Obviously the idea that Kurt wrote it is ridiculous anyway but I actually find it deeply offensive - it would literally be impossible for a man to write those lyrics.

I could go on about how great, how powerful and stark each individual song is. The way she sings “Well what do you do with the revolution?” on Rock Star (well, Olympia) is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever heard. When I need pepping up I listen to just that line: it’s so powerful and guttural and confrontational. The topics, the tone, the lyrics - I cannot think of an album that so successfully distils complex elements of womanhood and I can listen to it again and again and find new layers.

Also, Courtney’s style has influenced me more than anything else. I’m a chubby short girl who is never going to look like her but within months of getting into Hole I’d stopped wearing jeans and started exclusively wearing dresses and buying red lipstick, when I got braver I dyed my hair blonde and got it cut into a long bob and bought some tiaras. Being such a badass on record and stage but having a really feminine and cute style undermined all my internalised misogyny about being/dressing ‘girly’. I think I learned more about femininity from Courtney Love than anyone else. When the Celebrity Skin video was on the music channels I’d replay it over and over again, totally starstruck by her presence.

She’s obviously very complex and I don’t agree with a lot of the things she’s done but if she were a dude she’d have been one of the most celebrated frontmen of the last 30 years no doubt. Better than Nirvana by a fucking mile. I don’t think anyone else has really done what they have done (on Live Through This anyway)


Big tune


It’s relevant here though?


Two or three decent tunes. Very of its time. Gave them a 2/5.

That’s why I’m only on stand by :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I can’t remember when HGATR started but I’ve been waiting for this one for a loooong time




Absolutely love Courtney Love and her attitude.

Gone for a 3. Love Celebrity Skin, like Live Through This a lot but can’t stand Nobody’s Daughter.

Think her America’s Sweetheart solo album is the best thing she has released