🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Interpol

Morning! Time to put that Manics thread aside and move on I think

Here’s their score

Artist Rating
Aretha Franklin 4.64
Neil Young 4.48
R.E.M. 4.38
Otis Redding 4.34
David Bowie 4.31
The Beatles 4.31
Pixies 4.3
The Cure 4.28
Björk 4.27
Marvin Gaye 4.21
Stevie Wonder 4.17
PJ Harvey 4.17
Nirvana 4.15
Radiohead 4.13
The Supremes 4.13
Prince 4.11
Wu-Tang Clan 4.11
Kate Bush 4.07
OutKast 4.07
Portishead 4.03
Kendrick Lamar 3.97
Bob Dylan 3.97
Jimi Hendrix 3.93
Joni Mitchell 3.89
Massive Attack 3.89
Bruce Springsteen 3.84
The Clash 3.77
Blondie 3.73
Rage Against The Machine 3.71
The Ramones 3.67
ABBA 3.66
Kanye West 3.65
Blur 3.61
Beyoncé 3.54
Bob Marley & The Wailers 3.48
Jeff Buckley 3.47
Madonna 3.4
Manic Street Preachers 3.39
Toots & The Maytals 3.35
The Smashing Pumpkins 3.3
Elton John 3.28
Kylie Minogue 3.27
Sugababes 3.22
Rihanna 3.19
The Prodigy 3.18
Led Zeppelin 3.16
Jay-Z 3.14
Taylor Swift 3.14
The Rolling Stones 3.09
The Strokes 3.03
Elvis Presley 3.02
Weezer 3
Girls Aloud 2.93
Britney Spears 2.85
Belle And Sebastian 2.85
Metallica 2.81
Green Day 2.81
Basement Jaxx 2.75
Oasis 2.71
Lady Gaga 2.61
Queen 2.6
Billy Joel 2.57
Bloc Party 2.41
Eminem 2.38
Mariah Carey 2.32
Blink-182 2.21
Adele 2.05
The Spice Girls 1.81

And now, as democratically chosen, Interpol

Interpol then?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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  • Turn On The Bright Lights
  • Antics
  • Our Love To Admire
  • Interpol
  • El Pintor
  • Marauders

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  • PDA
  • Obstacle 1
  • Say Hello To The Angels
  • NYC
  • Slow Hands
  • Evil
  • C’mere
  • The Heinrich Maneuver
  • Mammoth
  • Barricade
  • Lights
  • All The Rage Back Home
  • Ancient Ways
  • Everything Is Wrong
  • The Rover
  • Number 10
  • If You Really Love Nothing
  • All At Once
  • Fine Mess
  • The Weekend

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They’re fine, but I’ve never been able to get excited about them or work out why their debut is quite so highly rated. 3.


I like that one about rosemary



Turn on the Bright Lights is a modern classic of an album. So moody, atmospheric and brilliant.

Antics is pretty damn good too.

Everything after that is OK but I kinda stopped paying attention.

They get a 4 because Turn on the Bright Lights is so good.


First two albums are great. Lost it a bit with the third, simply cause I’d already got (in part via them) into so much other stuff by that point - and also I always felt the production underplayed the best element of their sound, Carlos D’s bassplaying.

They’re a band I still have a soft spot for, esp as one of those early faves / gateway bands. Still great live too based on seeing them at that the Cure thing. Hearing the TotBL songs there was a fkn trip

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More like turn on the shite shites



Thought they came across really poorly when they defended playing with Morrissey


TOTBL poll

  • Untitled
  • Obstacle 1
  • NYC
  • PDA
  • Say Hello To The Angels
  • Hands Away
  • Obstacle 2
  • Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down
  • Roland
  • The New
  • Leif Erikson

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Just remembered he’s from Clacton so I’m dropping them to a 2

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Untitled is a barnstomer of an intro tho my gosh


One of the best debut albums of the last twenty years. Released about three good songs since. Shit live.


One of the great bands of “our” generation. Their debut is a sontewall classic, an album that floored me when I heard it. The follow up was exactly what was expected, and has some of the best singles in their career.

The thing is there’s a false narrative with Interpol. Many believe they’ve been terrible since their debut, and bemoan their work, but I disagree massively. Anytime I’ve gone back to either Our Love to Admire, Interpol, El Pintor, or the recent Marauder, there is a lot of great songs and a real sense of strong style and aesthetic.

The thing is they will always be coloured by that huge first spark of an album. It is like they’ve been sunk by their own incredible success and that’s been an issue. It reminds me of someone like Mogwai, who have done amazing debut work, but their middle career stuff is so consistently great and above the cut, the only reason it’s consdiered “bad” is the consistency and the shadow their debut is casting across everything else.

I reckon El Pintor is one of the best things they’ve done.

It’s a 5/5 for me. I like every single album.


I only have the Marauder album (the production on this is AWFUL) and have heard a good few singles over the years. Pretty good band. 3 (three) out of five (5)

Love all the praise that Turn On The Bright Lights gets on here.

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Turn On The Bright Lights is ok.

Only seen them once live at a festival, where they didn’t want to be there/thought they were too cool to be there. Never been more bored watching a band. Maybe I’m being unfair, maybe the aloof-not-engaging-or-even-acknowledging-the-audience thing is their schtick. Almost baled out halfway through to go and watch the Scissor Sister instead, to give you an impression of the extent of my plight.

2 for me, Clive.

Turn On The Bright Lights and Antics are good enough on their own to land them a 4 in my book.


Good band, but not a great one. The quintessential 3 band for me. I kind of missed them when TOTBL dropped, unsure why, so it was the Antics singles that really pricked my ears up. But I’ve never been totally sold. They haven’t put out a total duffer of an album, but they really have struggled to live up to that early promise.

Use of Untitled in Friends=BAD because it signified the start of the Joey/Rachel relationship storyline.
Use of My Desire for the Champions League final montage=GOOD because Liverpool won.


Alright, got 1.5 decent albums, though I’m not convinced those are as good as I thought they were when I was 15. The idea of TOTBL being one of the best albums of the 00s feels a bit laughable in hindsight. Worse than Jay-Z, worse than The Strokes, worse than Belle and Sebastian, rubbish live.

It’s a 2/5 for me.

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Always enjoyed them live and that first album is a GBOA but the way they defended playing with Morrissey has put me off them for the forseeable. 3