🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Interpol

I remember watching them briefly at Leeds one year and then sacking them off to go watch the (International) Noise Conspiracy instead. I stand by my choice.

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Best song that should have been on the debut


Probably the worst band I saw at The Cure alldayer.

Cure - 8/10
Interpol - 4/10
Slowdive - 10/10
Ride - 7/10
Editors - 9/10
Twilight Sad - 8/10


not got anything to say about them that hasn’t been said already

Ach, go on Shrewbs. It always sounds better coming from you.


Editors 9/10 vs Interpol 4/10 is excellent trolling (though having seen Editors live a long time ago, I do believe it was marginally more entertaining than Interpol).

Big band for me when i first started getting back into rock music around 2007. I think Antics is my favourite, but TOTBL, El Pintor, and Our Love… are all mint, too.

Never seen them live.

Seen them live 3 times and they have been terrible each time. First album is good but hasn’t aged well, some of the lyrics in particular are laughably bad. 2/5

Should be the tag line for these threads. :wink:

No trolling. They’re a great live band anyway but especially in that environment where they condense their set into just their best tracks and I’d much rather see a band put some effort into their set when you’ve got a full day of music


Chronologically, one very good but horrendously overrated album, two decent ones that you could combine into one fantastic record, and 3 albums of unmitigated shite. Not great live, although I’d have loved to have seen them in a smaller venue. Even that their best, pretty derivative. 2.

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Think this is an issue. Every time I’ve seen them has been on a massive festival stage. Utter, utter shite though. One of the most boring just-below-headline bands I can think of.

Bafflingly acclaimed. One of the benchmark artists for the development of my “pay no attention to music criticism” policy.

TOTBL is possibly the albun I’ve listened to the most times and is 2nd fav of all time

Has to be a 5

I rowed back from a blanket “awful live” when I realised that I’ve only seen them in Alexandra Palace (was like having tinnitus, you could hear echoes from the previous song for a couple of minutes), and outdoors at Hyde Park. Don’t think any band with their kind of sound works in a massive space.

Used to be PDA until recently, have come to love NYC. When the solo kicks in is pure


Was proper, proper OBSESSED with them back in the day. I think the majority of their stuff is super naff, and apart from Sam, really dodgy and bad people. But without them I wouldn’t have met my ATDs and countless other good pals, so I’m gonna have to bump them up to a 3.

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A total one album wonder


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I’ve generally rated artists according to their peak, but I have had to mark Interpol down for being one of the worst live bands I’ve ever seen. Probably the biggest disparity between how thrilling (some of) their songs are on record, and how plodding they are live.

I’ve given them a 3, although every time I look at the list and see Blur somehow on 3.61, I get the urge to bump my score up. Just imagine a world where Blur are a better band than the Manics, by any measurement.

Giving them a 3. Enjoyably atmospheric first album, a great, great single in Evil, but still a pretty minor concern all things considered.

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