🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Iron Maiden

I liked it - can almost imagine it on a screaming trees album (vocals + solo aside)

Yeah I can see this! It’s definitely got that sorta americana vibe. But of an unexpected take from them which I guess is admirable

For me found the riff a little dull and that’s basically the whole song isn’t it. Wasn’t bad but thought it was missing a bit of oomph. Will give it a few more listens and see where I land

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Samurai Eddie looks class.


What’s that, like 80 minutes long? 10 minutes and 1 track shorter than the last one, but that was a double album EDIT: actually they’ve confirmed it’s a double album on their site.

Some of these song titles though…


Brits at it again


Lost in a lost world better involve dinosaurs

(remembers quest for fire)

Maybe not actually


:smiley: yeah best to pretend that one didn’t happen

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Bet they wrote this after Bruce got pally with the Rangers fans that time

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Oh my


We’re going to need a bigger wallet


Gonna try for the coloured vinyl I think.
The boxset seems to be CD only due to its size in comparison.
Wish they had a few photos of what’s inside the box and the book version of CD.

I love how they’ve dropped NWOBHM and gone Americana after 40 years :smiley:

Seriously though, i thought it was pretty decent. Sounded a bit odd at first but my ears started to accept it and by the time Samurai Eddie came along i was all in :metal: Look forward to hearing Lost in A Lost World :smiley:

Up the Irons!


Heard this played loudly at a campsite this weekend and it sounded good, so officially passes the tent test.


So Wtf is Belshazzars Feast then?
It’s not the new single, or the album?

Is it just an extended promo thing like the whole Benjamin Breeg thing they did for AMOLAD? (I mean at least that was a song on the record).

Could just be a minor detail taken from the video and dragged out a bit?

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Belshazzars Feast
Curated by Iron Maiden
March 2022 @ Butlin’s Minehead



New album 3lp on black vinyl: £42.99
New album 3lp on red/black vinyl: £55.99

Fuck off Iron Maiden!

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We want WIMP!

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80:00 is too damn long. I haven’t even sat through the last one fully either