🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Iron Maiden

“Veteran popular music group”


Oh well, wherever, wherever you are
Iron Maiden’s gonna get you, no matter how far…
Just attach the requisite number of stamps to match the letter/parcel size,
If in doubt, consult royalmail.com for more info


Looks like a 50yo man is in charge of special stamps and is saying yes to his 80s teenage years.

The 2023 releases include
Iron Maiden


There is nothing more metal than getting approval from Royal Mail.

TBF I’m in my 30s and would be up for the Iron Maiden and X-Men ones

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I’m in my 20s and would be up for all of them.

Weirdly don’t know much about stamps despite it being the kind of dorky shit I’d love.


All I know about Royal Mail stamps is:

  • seem a lot more expensive than you’d expect
  • The ones I have in the house expire at the end of this month for some reason.
  • I’m tempted to buy the ‘Iron Maiden - Presentation set’ :smiley:

The Royal Mail has gone full nerd mode in the last few years.
Check out Collect GB Stamps year by year with pictures.

2022 - Transformers and Aardman Animation
2021 - Classic Sci-Fi, DC Superheroes and Dennis the Menace
2020 - James Bond, Rupert Bear and Star Trek

Oh dear.
There’s a real risk I might become a proper stamp collecting wanker now isn’t there.

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Royal Mail business model : please buy our pretty stamps, but don’t use them.


Rating:- 0. It is outrageous that the late Queen’s cameo portrait appears beside these images. How on earth did Royal Mail manage to get royal approval for this trash?


I should care but reading shit like this still makes me so angry

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Pretty sure that as the Queen supported West Ham she’d have been a Maiden fan too.


Top 3 ones look great.


Going to stash these away and then they’re going straight on eBay when they break up.

The Eddie ones are pretty cool….you know, for stamps.


Thanks for reminding me to get on and order these!

Mine arrived yesterday and I went down to IKEA today for a few cheap frames.
Pro tip: Royal Mail are looking £35 for the framed version of the sheets. Which is an extra £30 on their cost.
The sheets are A4 size, a good quality frame in IKEA is less then a fiver.

Edit: thanks again to @hankscorpio for reminding me.


Oh I am definitely becoming a stamp wanker now.

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I’m a bit gutted a missed out on the envelopes tbh! :grinning:
Had to get the World Piece one tbh as not only is it made to look like a vinyl and the 3 stamps form the lineup but it’s also the 40th anniversary of Piece of Mind and the World Piece tour this year. And I’m 40 this year too.

It only could have been better if I’d gotten #1983 instead of #1927 really😀

Edit: might get red backing card for it to make the vinyl stand out and to match the logo.

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Those look great!

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