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Shout out to the Woman King EP. Easy to miss but it’s one of his best releases


A lovely warm hug


I love some of the later stuff too

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forgot how much i liked this album actually

I like him a lot but it’s fair to say I find some of his songs quite dull too. The one time I saw him live was awful, it was on a festival mainstage in the middle of the day, a pretty tough slot unless you can really grab people’s attention. Still going to give him a 4 though, he deserves at least that for some truly exceptional songs, I literally skipped out of bed this morning so happy was I to be able to vote for The Trapeze Swinger in the poll. He’s a brilliant lyricist on his day.

I’m not sure what makes me love Sacred Vision quite so much, Sam’s written many songs of this ilk, three perfect verses. Think it’s my favourite of his more bare bones songs but Upwards Over The Mountain is an absolute beauty too, and The Sea and The Rhythm, and Faded From The Winter…ok there’s a lot of beauties

Love this one from Kiss Each Other Clean, totally different in sound to what he was known for, it’s pretty bold stuff

He’s written denser, cleverer things but I think my favourite lyric is this from Trapeze Swinger

And then they went on to say that the pearly gates
Had some eloquent graffiti
Like “We’ll meet again” and “Fuck the man”
And “Tell my mother not to worry”
And angels with their great handshakes
Were always done in such a hurry

Tell my mother not to worry, it just makes me sob. Angels seem to drop into his songs a lot, mothers too.


His album with Jesca Hoop is worth a listen, this one is absolutely gorgeous

Love this too


Strong 4 for the first 4 albums, saw him with a full band on the Ghost on Ghost tour though and my word it was bad. Just achingly dull middle-of-the-road nothingness live, did a couple of solo songs as an encore which were really good in fairness but they just made me more annoyed how flat the rest of it had been. Haven’t mustered up the energy to listen to him since then.

I always thought this was an another recording alias of a William (either Oldham or Callahan).

Put on the Trapeze Swinger based on the poll and it’s nice. I’ll listen to some more.

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More nice latter day stuff


Worth a 5 for the first few LPs, the Calexico records and Sing Into My Mouth.
Much prefer the minimalist approach than the overegged full band stuff of some of the later records.

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Used to really like him for a while, the saw him at the Spitz (RIP) which was one of the most boring gigs I’ve ever been to and never gone back to listen to him again since.

At least its not Cor… :rotating_light:

I’m supposed to like them I think? Never clicked but never tried that hard because…it never clicked.


the archive series albums are really good.


Yeh brilliant…loads for the more stripped back fans too

I like the cut of his jib, but can’t possibly go over a 4. I’m not even sure if 4 is the right number, but whatever, I like what he does.

One of my favourite songs of all time is a version of ‘Upward Over the Mountain’ that I downloaded from soulseek or whatever from a radio session. I haven’t been able to find that exact version in years, and don’t even know where I would be able to find it. I find the album version of that to be a bit too long, the version I loved was cut down, and a lot more intense, like he was really invested in getting the story across.

I voted for Flightless Bird, American Mouth as best single as I think it’s a genuinely lovely song, that I’m sure for a lot of purists got ruined because it’s used during the wedding scene in (checks notes) the first Twilight movie? Honestly can’t remember.

Our Endless Numbered Days was one of the key album where I, let’s say, ‘rediscovered’ indie folk rock or whatever alongside Sufjan, The Decemberists, Modest Mouse The Shins, etc in 2004 when I realised that most American artists were absolutely more interesting than blokes in bands doing the old ‘new rock revolution’ that the UK press was peddling.

I liked the stuff he did with Calexico. This one in particular.

It makes me think of Crooked Fingers, who are never going to have a How Good are they really? thread, but I love him. This makes a nice companion piece

Would probably consider ‘Dignity and Shame’ by Crooked Fingers to be in my top 20/30 albums of all time


Been meaning to dive in. I know Volume 4 quite well because I got the original files as a free download from his website years ago when it was called ‘Fall 2007’ or something (nice to have it a bit more widely available now)

Intrigued by Vol 1 and Vol 5

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Vol 1 is lovely

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Score shortly

The Three(k) Drank The Cradle

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