🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 J Dilla

Revisiting Donuts right now and it is quite damn good really. Not that scattershot (I was raised on Prefuse 73’s brand of hip/glitch-hop after all) and the total length is in the sweet spot at 43 minutes. Tempted to raise my rating from 3.5/5 to 4 but the overuse (read: any use) of air horns keeps it where it’s at. Truly one of the most annoying sounds in hip-hop and some electronic music. It’s not plastered on every track luckily but when you really dislike a sound, it’s hard to ignore when it pops up here and there.

questlove talking about dilla is always gold

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Missed this thread.

Swear I preordered this but it hasn’t arrived.

Dilla is great. A 4/5 for me.

Always post this, but this mix is great.

I got the book for primavera and I’m about a third through it. It’s really excellent - part bio part theory about his music. Made me think about drumming and production in a completely different way.

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Finally got round to ordering Dilla Time, looking forward to giving it a read



Rick Rubin has done an interview with the author should be up in the usual places after lunch (seem to put the Broken Records up early for subscribers for 6 hours and then release it normally)

good to see Wakefield has its tribute to him

Can’t imagine the unreleased vaults have anything top drawer to offer at this stage, but I’m sure it’ll be a solid release

Oh absolutely. I’m expecting a few sketches that get fleshed out by J-Rocc or House Shoes or someone else close to Jay. It’ll be more like Dilla ideas rather than anything fully fleshed out.

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Summer of Soul was brilliant and that rap documentary series he produced was good so I’m excited to see what he does with this. Hope it’s not too over the top on the genius stuff and just gives an interesting portrayal of his life and work