🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 James

I guess I mean more that the guys I knew who loved them seemed laddish as I don’t really know them at all as people etc.

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It’s a 5. Underrated band with the most joyous singles collections and heaps and heaps of hidden gems among album tracklists.


5/5 for these two songs alone:


We should do a How Good Is It Really for names. James would be a 4 I think


Up the toffees!


It’s a 3 from me, anyway.


I’ve gone for a 3. Their “best of” was one of those CD’s it felt like almost every person had in the late 90’s.

The laddy thing mentioned up there feels weird too as I think Tim Booth is a devout christian and loads of his lyrics are about God.

This is a banger


What James songs should I listen to if all I’ve heard is Sit Down and it makes me want to push sharp pencils in to my ear drums?


Terrible band, and are not “great live” despite what my friends say.


I got into them about 1990. Just as Gold Mother was released (the version without Sit Down). They came from a folky/indie kind of start, with periods supporting the Smiths if I remember. Loved every album, and each one had a different vibe.

This is from Stutter.

Saw them at Manchester G-Mex about 6 months before Sit Down came out (again as it was a rerelease) and was huge. I had seen them in Hull a while before that.

I haven’t really listened to much after that as I lost interest, but they are a 5 for me, for how much they meant when I was 15/16.


More like ‘shit down’


One of my all time favourite bands. One of the few bands that me and the missus bond over. A band that I have seen live countless times. A band that, whilst past their very best, continue to release interesting and entertaining music.

They seem to find those anthemic choruses with ease and that makes them one of the all time greatest stadium rock bands in my eyes. They’re not cool, but I don’t think they’ve ever strived to be.

This from their latest album is simply joyous.


Try the two I posted above!

Big ol’ 1. Used to annoy the shit out of me and I can’t stand his voice. Although I did enjoy his 10 second cameo as Victor Zsasz in Batman Begins. Still a 1, though. Just awful stuff that should have died out in the 90’s.

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From memory of things like TFI Friday etc, I seem to remember Tim Booth’s voice being a bit off-key? Might have just been because it was the 90s and everyone had done too many drugs but yeah, I distinctly remember him having a bad voice.


Yep, not great especially the last minute. I mean, not Ian Brown-bad but I think they were better on record.

Funnily enough, I’ve never had a bad experience seeing them live and I have seen them many times. One of my favourite ever gigs was a tiny warm up show they played at Dingwalls just before the Best Of dropped and thrust them back into the public consciousness. Was just electric.

The easiest 1 . Absolutely awful. Laid is probably in my top 10 worst songs ever


Just good pop

One year at Glastonbury, I told Tim Boothe right where to go.

I was working at the front gate and he wanted directions to the back stage area. I resisted the urge to congratulate him on making a generation of drunk students sit on grotty sodden club floors.


I can see how they’re embarrassing tbh. An easy band to kick for their earnestness and a general lack of taste, I guess, in how they present their work. I’ll never listen to one of their albums in full again but if you can’t handle them at their worst you sure as hell don’t deserve Sometimes, a joyful tumble of a tune, I think about it every time it really pelts it down.

A nostalgic, very generous 4 just for that. It seemed like they were always pumping out singles I liked through the 90’s. An over inflated score because I never listen to them but lower feels churlish.

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