🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Janelle Monáe

This EP/song is brilliant along with ArchAndroid, love the Metropolis vibe of the whole thing. She seems like a great person too!


she’s pretty good and seems like a good egg. don’t think she’s as groundbreaking as some people make out and a bit ‘R&B for people who don’t like R&B’ i guess but it’s not her fault she gets played loads on 6music when other R&B artists don’t

really fun live

3 I think. will listen to her loads today and see if that changes

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Agree with this, first two albums superb, ‘Dirty Computer’ has it’s moments as well. I can understand if she focuses on films however as she’s been great in pretty much everything she’s been in. Sadly I’ve never managed to catch her live, so I hope she does come back with more music. An easy 4.

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Never heard of her but tempted to dish out a 5 for that alone


Undoubtedly the best support set I’ve ever seen from an artist I’d never heard of before. I like Vampire Weekend about 20% more just because they introduced me to Janelle Monae’s music. 5.


Love love love Dirty Computer, even the cornier bits grew on me and all the videos and live performances were amazing and really added it as a whole work. The rap spots across the album absolutely slay - the one on Django Jane gives me that neck hair tingle thing every time.

Have found her previous records a bit patchy but some great stuff in there, need to spend more time with them probably.

Gone for a 4


When you see her live you almost wonder how she’s not stratospherically big, like selling out Wembley on multiple nights levels, cos she’s that good.

Think I’ll go 5 cos the sun’s out and I’m in a good mood, even though she’s probably a 4.


Dirty Computer’s only half absolutely amazing but I’ll take that, Pynk’s one of my most played songs over the last couple of years. She made me squat in the mud for quite a long time when i saw her live but i don’t hold that against her.

Love the journey this song goes on and the last minute or so gives me chills

She’s a powerful force for good I reckon


Really liked Tightrope but the album left me a bit flat and nothing since has really grabbed me apart from the odd single. She’s definitely really talented and a thoroughly positive and impressive person. Difficult to mark, but restricting myself as best I can to the music, a 3.

I absolutely love her, despite thinking that the majority of music she’s put out is ok but not much more.

Most of the Archandroid is wonderful, but even that has some pretty dull songs towards the end. Since then, it’s been lots of middling songs with one or two standouts per album.

I’d never turn down an opportunity to see her live though, and I feel she’s got the capabilities to make a stone cold classic 10/10 album.

I saw her in the Hoxton Square bar and kitchen in 2010, which I’m guessing was her first UK show. She’d setup a laptop and projector behind her, but they could only get a blue screen for ages. Despite that, it was an incredible show and I couldn’t believe I’d seen someone who was so clearly going to be a megastar in such a tiny place. I’ve been a little surprised since that her music hasn’t made her a proper household name yet.

So yeah, 4/5 :slight_smile:

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Yeah that’s a 5 lads


What a lovely birthday present!

5/5/5/5 any day of the week, obviously phenomenal live, solid actor, and a definite good egg to boot.

Does anyone remember Idlewild, by Outkast? No? Fair enough. Anyway, I bought that the week it came out, and it’s not great, but it did have this great song on it that features less Big Boi than Tightrope does, and is great stuff:

Also, in terms of featured appearances, there’s the alternative version of Our Riotous Defects which works much better than the album version, imho. Will always be a bit sad that they never toured together in the UK.

A perfect pop star, really. Music, aesthetic, a bit of mystery. I’d never heard of her then chanced upon her Glastonbury set on telly - Possibly the best set the BBC have shown in their time covering the festival. Last album was a bit of a dip, but I won’t hold that against her.

She should be way bigger than she is. I assume keeping creative control put off some of the bigger money?

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Also genuinely irked that Big Boi didn’t do Tightrope live with her at Glastonbury 2011. They were right after each other!


I feel given the approach and scope of her music I don’t feel she has revealed her masterstroke yet.

Hard not to compare parallels with Prince, and he took until album 6 with Purple Rain to truly be taken as the superstar he was. I feel that moment will come for Janelle - and then have people back peddling that the early albums were Classics also.


Forever this that Big Boi set was Outkast heavy though.

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Big fan of her more psychedelic kinda stuff too, is what I’m saying.


Always thought ‘Oh Maker’ sounds a bit like Abba on the verses. Obv a good thing.

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Yes! Big fan of this performance