🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Janelle Monáe

drink that is, not the latest 7"

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Course it’s a 5. What a star, what tunes and so so cool


Just remembered how good she was in Moonlight

Have a mad level of goodwill and affection for her considering how rarely I would actually think to listen to her. But sometimes love is like that, quiet but constant. 5.

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i really liked the archandroid when it came out but the more i listened to it the less i liked it. just started to remind me too much of the bad parts of where outkast went with their sound. same for the rest of her catalog. think theres only a few songs off that that i woudl care to listen to again now (oh maker, say youll go and neon valley street). electric lady had a few songs i like (the miguel one, its code, victory). i think i only liked i like that off dirty computer but i didnt spend much time with it really. a lot of her production choices leave me cold. generous 3/5 i think. might go down tho cos i think she’ll score higher than some more deserving legends.

sounds ok but I don’t really get it 3/5

Never really clicked for me. I won’t vote as I don’t really have an opinion on her.

She’s a 5 and I don’t even think we’ve even begun to hear the best of her, yet. A brilliant, brilliant artist with so much to give in every area she tries her hand at. Would I prefer she put out more music than act? Yes. But if she needs the space to write then far be it for me to deny her when she clearly enjoys acting so much.

Incredible voice. Absolute style icon. Hugely important in LGBT visibility and allyship. From all accounts a wonderful person.

And if this was the only song she ever put out there, she’d still be a 5; a deep sea love song emerging into the night:


Let’s find out the score!

3.89 for Janelle Monáe! Hang on, Janelle Monáe, Joni Mitchell, both on the same score with the same initials? Shenanigans I reckon.


John McEnroe, Juan Mata, Jeremy Morebin. All 3.89’s.


Surprised she’s sub 4 given the positivity ITT, guess there must have been a few quiet downvoters


absolute state of that joni score.


Yeah was honestly expecting a big showing.