🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Jimmy Eat World

I’m probably an almost exclusive example of somebody who prefers the recent stuff. Their last 5 albums are great listens from start to finish (Damage not so much). They really know how to write a hook and melody and the odd lyric really hangs around long after the song is over.

Also have a super reliable release schedule of an album every 3 years.

Invented is my favourite. Full of feels. One of those bands that does something special for the final song of each album.

Earlier stuff is obviously great. Bleed American is chock-full of hits and the proper emo stuff is great. But the later post-2007 stuff is what really does it for me.



Competent. So very competent.


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Playing Bleed American and I recognise more songs than I expected. They do have a way of making instantly memorable tunes


What a band!


Bleed American got a 5 K review in the very first issue of Kerrang I bought. Thought “oh, I should really give that a listen”. Still haven’t got round to it. Abstain.

For anyone who is intrigued by their post-Futures albums, Integrity Blues is the one to go for. It’s possibly their 3rd best album.


I decided to give the Bleed American album a go this morning to see if I’d changed my mind over the years.
Sounds like Blink 182 but the band aren’t douchebags. I am no longer abstaining.

Torn between a slightly harsh 2 and a slightly generous 3. Will go for a 2 because they’re picking up lots of nostalgia points from others.



I haven’t seen many nostalgia points yet.

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Going to get this one in before I have to do other things: my least favourite modern emo bands are the ones that sound like someone taught Blink 182 what an arepeggio and a major 7th chord are and to lay off the dick jokes in the lyrics.


This is the playlist I listen to most


The last one and a half minutes of Pass The Baby :laughing: :metal:t2:


great post…but come on, (and i’m saying this as an old old emo nerd) they are emo. Possibly the biggest emo band ever (well, MCR maybe but still)

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I guess to me it’s more about what a mess of a classification emo is. The early stuff ties into what I’d call emo, but to me, everything during their poppier phase I’d call pop-punk. I wouldn’t argue this case particularly strongly though.


Conversely there’s a fairly large part of me (usually only seen after 6 beers if someone plays A Praise Chorus at me) that remains convinced that pop punk for sad lads/lasses/non-binaries is the one true art form.


oh yeah, the pop punk/emo strain is a funny one, and especially during the the early part of this century. Pop punk to me at least needs to be a bit more nasely, Billy-Joe style.

Guess i was thinking more of the static prevails/clarity/splits era. The later stuff is more arena rock maybe (form the snippits i’ve heard)? Think i may give a later album a listen today though, and it’ll probably be integrity blues judging by your post.

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I think I mentioned this on the ATD-I HGATR but I have a really distinct memory Mary Anne Hobbs playing Bleed American, Cosmonaut by ATD-I and Cerebra or something off the first Hundred Reasons EP back to back on the Radio 1 Rock Show. Rushed from college to pick up Bleed American when it came out and just found it a bit…meh. Just not ballsy or noisy enough after the adrenaline rush of that first song. A few years later I really fancied someone who loved them so ended up listening to Clarity a lot which is more consistent and stronger as a full album but still kind of bland. 2/5 I guess?


hi there, huuuuge Jimmy Eat World fan checking in.

It’s a 5 all the way, Clive

I feel in love with them on Bleed American, which is just simply stunning. One of the all time classic american rock albums, and now has the age to prove it. just stunning.

Then a friend at school lent me Static Prevails and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This was even better, and then shortly afterwards I found Clarity in Fopp on Union St and oh my god it was even better than even better. it was just layers of awesome on top of layers of awesome.

Into Uni years then, and music suddenly opened up for me. My little rockish crew at high school was replaced by a group of dopesmoking losers who were into Aphex, Boards of Canada, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and the music of the Jimmy lads seemed quaint. Of course, I didn’t cut them off right away - christ, one of my all time listened to albums of this period was A Crow Left of the Murder… (can’t wait for the HGATR on Incubus mind).

But Futures came out and was my first albums ince i’d fallen in love… and it was FUCKING INCREDBILE. Seriously, I cannot think of a better album. I know loads of folk on here dislike it - for what reason i cannot imagine. It is filled with bangers. Filled with hooks. Filled with singalong lines that just demand to be betler out while clutching your tee shirt, sweaty in the pit. It’s just ace, and i cannot divorce it from that moment in my life.

Then I got a job and was really into the wanky shit. Chase this Light is dogshit. And I left them behind, a band that was my all timers but since went the shitty way others also have, and moved onto less important points in my life.

But then I went back. Unlike some others - Feeder, Weezer, Incubus, to name three - they haven’t deviated much from their original sound and, at times, recaptured it. And then, finally, they released a few records I can consider actually good, and not even with squinting. With the emo revival in full swing, Jimmy Eat World are still amazing and managing those huge hooks - Surviving and Integrity Blues being as good as their earliest work, I feel.

So yeah - a 5 all the time, all day and when I watched their live version of Futures a few months back when they did their online streams it was absolutely brilliant.


Also this is a favourite.