🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Joanna Newsom

5! As others have said, musically and lyrically she’s one of the absolute best. Four incredible albums already, can’t wait to hear what she does next. I used to live round the corner from the Brudenell in Leeds, first heard and got in to JN about a week after she played their (solo, harp) in 2004. Still regret missing that to this day.

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I was in too bad a state to enjoy it unfortunately

I get why folk don’t like Joanna’s voice, but I love it. If anything, it lost some of that wonderful individual charm after she damaged it during the recording of HOOM. Her new singing style worked very well, but it lost that slight ineffable something. Couldn’t be helped, obviously!


So am I, but there we are

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attempted harp pun, sounded tasteless

(never listened, always meant to … one day)

Can I just butt in here please to say that entries for this close tomorrow at 9. Last chance to get control of hgatr200!


Remembering fondly the collective bouts of excitement on DiS the day that Ys leaked (happened pretty early IIRC). More innocent times.


Loved that set so much. I was having a fucking torrid time that weekend, lurching between panic attacks mostly and worse, and that set made feel so calm and settled :heart:


This is going well


Sorry, really tried to get into her stuff about 15 years ago as I thought it’d be right up my street, but it really wasn’t.

Maaaaate go and get all the old albums right now


Yeah it’s going to have to be an Abstain/5 for me too.

I have and love Divers but I really need to listen to more. Particularly keen to get into Have One On Me considering all the love it got in albums of the decade threads last year.

Fair play to her for not being on streaming services but also ‘argh come on, get your music on streaming services!’



Easiest 5. She’s the greatest. I do sort of get why people may not be able to get past her voice but I honestly don’t know how anybody could listen to a song like Go Long, Sawdust And Diamonds or Have One On Me and not be completely blown away

Done - thanks for the reminder

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Great song imo


Cool! I was at that Sunday Latitude set too. I think she had to play early (12ish wasn’t it?) because she was playing at Somerset House in the evening. Amazing set, perfect.

  • I also was at the early Sunday Latitude set

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Dang it, funkhouser beat me to it.

I first saw her live in 2004 without knowing anything about her. She was supporting Smog at a little show at Conway Hall in that London. I genuinely didn’t know what to make of her initially, but I was utterly transfixed. Since that point I’ve grown to absolutely love her music, so she’s getting a 5. She’s also deserves an extra point for pissing loads of people off at End Of The Road by shutting the whole shite down whilst she performed. Great bantz!

Actually, my favourite thing that she’s been is the video for Kids by MGMT, so there’s that. Gonna have a good listen today, as long as there’s some good Youtube videos ITT.