🎡 How Good Are They Really 🎡 Joni Mitchell

Is there a better final 3 songs on any album ever? Idk

Got to say, her run of albums from Clouds to Court and Spark are all at least 4.5/5 albums*

* According to allmusic.


Dry Cleaner from Des Moines from Shadows and Light is a killer (mostly because of Jaco though)

One of the most unique and beautiful voices ever


Don’t really know her, gonna have to abstain on this one. Enjoy the thread!

I really like Blue and Ladies of The Canyon but don’t hold much revarance for anything else.

Have a listen and vote after?

My prediction is that this will be a very low voter turnout leading to an inflated overall score


I’ve got loads of other stuff lined for a listen first!

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Can’t help it if these uncultured yobbos don’t recognise brilliance Tone.


In all seriousness, I wouldn’t often choose to listen to her, but she was brilliant at what she did. I’m not very good at not handing out 5s, it seems.

I’m one of those uncultured yobbos so I’ll thank you to address me more politely.

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I don’t like her whiny voice and would happily burn every physical copy of her musical output.

So it’s a 2.

Sorry. Mr Uncultured Yobbo, Esq.

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Thank you

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Hissing’s one of my favourite records ever. Just unbelievably inventive and good. Blue and Hejira are obv also perfect and the other early 70s stuff is close enough. not listened to much of the later stuff


Not happy about this. Not one bit


Only heard Big Yellow Taxi and that’s terrible. Will be refraining from voting.


this was a reply to everyone

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Stop whining.