🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Kanye West

One of my absolute favourites. So so so so good.

reckon black skinhead is the best so far.

I do think there’s a difference here - not in terms of severity but in terms of impact on people. It’s easier for us to ignore Bowie’s shit because Bowie’s main time in the spotlight was before anyone from DiS was around so all the bad things we know about him are things we’ve experienced second hand. Kanye’s worst shit has been right in front of our face so it’s harder to ignore. I’m not saying it’s right or it should be that way but it’s understandable why people might have that initial reaction.


I’ve always liked Monster the least on MBDTF. Never got the hype over Nicki’s bit or any of it. :eyes:

heard all falls down before.

nah, still a 2/5 for me. really not my cup of tea. laters!

I might start a ‘most unlikely / embarrassing gig you’ve ever been to’. I ended up going to see The Corrs with my friend (and mate’s ex) Lauren a few months after they’d broken up. I felt bad for her as she really wanted to go, but not with him.

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I agree except I think her bit is excellent, her voice is just unhinged, but Jay Z ruins it.

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Elton John on All of the Lights, just to do background vocals


My first ever gig was Hard-Fi. Somehow it didn’t put me off music for life.

Getting Beyonce in for a verse and leaving the track on the cutting room floor


“I treat the cash like the government treats AIDS…”

Though he ruins it somewhat by asking if we get it :sweat_smile:

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Also, Kanye did explicitly endorse a far right politician and his views, which is a big step from Bowie’s behaviour, as awful as it seems. Didn’t mean to imply they were the same above.

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“I’m socrates but my skin more chocalatey” is a wonderfully shit line.


love nicki minaj so much
would definitely give her a 5 despite her also being a nobhead + one of the most disappointing live shows i’ve seen + having a pretty underwhelming recent output really given her talent

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Tried really hard with it, there’s some great bits on there but more that I was either indifferent to or actively disliked unfortunately. Sorry!

That’s ok, you’re entitled to your opinion obviously, I just think 2/3 of it is magnificent

Ok ‘Gorgeous’ is infinitely better tbf. There’s some stuff I do like on here I think half the problem is every other song feels like he’s trying to make a Statement. Which I imagine works if you’re interested in Kanye the phenomenon and the narrative or whatever. Not for me though, Clive.

Might bump it up to a 3.

Love the earlier stuff and MBDTF is obviously genius. I’m mostly sad that he’s not at that level any more or psychologically up to it (hope I’m wrong).

Had to vote 5/5 as given me one of my favourite albums and songs.

I think when the results come in for this thread I’ll be irked for the first time in this series