🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Kanye West

Collaborating with Paul McCartney and not letting him sing :slight_smile:

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As if Kanyes flirting with the far right wont be called a character in hindsight like bowies is


Still don’t understand why he spent so much money getting Elton in for backing vocals on All the Lights but the brass-ish bits sound like they were played on a budget casio.

Total bellend these days, obviously, but going through the Dissect podcast on MBDTF might be my favourite experience of properly engaging with music.

Gave him a 4 due to the bellend stuff and the patchiness of latter day output but still brilliant.

DAYTONA was maybe my favourite album (don’t) of last year and I’m not even that into hip-hop, generally.

only like that college dropout album everything else I’ve heard sounds crap


Oh shit forgot he did the beat for get by, up my vote to a 6


Don’t worry, the sorry was a slightly tongue in cheek thing rather than thinking I actually had to apologise! I know so many people who feel the same way about it as you (including many ITT) so I’ve always wanted to get it. Just doesn’t do much for me, couple of tracks aside.

Good god.

@anon19035908 is Nick Cave on the list?

Kanye is using the maga hat in exactly the same way.

Heard 'em say is beautiful


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He is indeed.

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wish the outro was longer, goes all weird I love it

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He’s really not though is he.

Maybe some of the punks weren’t either, maybe Bowie wasn’t. I don’t know.

But Kanye will be out on the election trail for Trump.

Didn’t go round Pinochet’s gaff though.

yeah horrid man getting in with trump to get him to pass the first step act…

Flashing lights is one of my faves too. Couture from the store’s department