🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Kanye West


I’m suddenly getting into him. Upping my score to a 3.

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we did it to ourselves

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Only know ‘MBDTF’ so i’ll refrain from voting in this one, always thought it was pretty good though. Been meaning to check out ‘Yeezus’ for a while so i’ll give that a go today i think.


The College Dropoout 5/5
Late Registration 5/5
Graduation* 4/5
808s & Heartbreak 4/5
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 5/5
Yeezus 4/5
The Life of Pablo* 4/5
ye 2/5

Averages out as a 4, but then he did GOOD Fridays as a throwaway and that is all 5/5 stuff.

*was tempted to give these two albums a 3/5, but that’s only held to the standard of his other albums, which if any other artist released I’m sure I’d give it a 5/5… so I settled on a 4.


Unrivalled pastry
Sits in an oven
In Pork Farms
Where pasties are made
For Somerfield



I actually quite enjoyed it overall. Thought the track that samples Avril 14th was a highlight

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Sounds like Kanye was a dick about it though

On Kanye sampling Drukqs ’ “Avril 14th” on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy ’s “Blame Game”: “Is it a sample? I actually don’t know what it ended up being in the end, I’m so slack. I know that he tried to fucking rip me off and claim that he’d written it, and they tried to get away with not paying. I was really helpful, and when they first sent it to me, I was like, ‘Oh, I can re-do that for you, if you like,’ because they’d sampled it really badly and time-stretched it and there was loads of artifacts. I was like, ‘I’ll just replay it for you at that speed if you want.’ And they totally didn’t even say ‘hello’ or ‘thanks,’ they just replied with, ‘It’s not yours, it’s ours, and we’re not even asking you any more.’” [ laughs ]

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Kanye West: not as good as ABBA.

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thought this would be way higher actually


It is fair that he is below ABBA, and I voted as such, but they should both be much higher overall.


I’m shocked too but does this mean a new thread is imminent?

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Really expected a higher rating, seemed like the thread was predominantly very positive

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Nah plenty of people early on were throwing 1s and 2s, its only when us lot st the end with common sense saved this from being below Britney




Loads of 1s from people who didn’t actually post I reckon.


Ok, will listen to it. Never liked him as he always seemed such a bell end. But let’s have a listen.

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(bear in mind (despite him being a bell end) that this is an album borne out of losing his mother as a direct consequence of his ascendancy to being one of the world’s biggest stars and his long-term relationship ending. Context colours everything with it)

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It’s quite sad that people give Kanye a 1 without really knowing his music. Subconsciously I think there’s quite a dark reason for it, the same reason people complain about rappers headlining glastonbury and saying things like “but they don’t play real instruments”. David Bowie is number one ffs and has done way worse things than Kanye.


Real Friends is such a good song

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Reckon I’d have him at the top of this list if I was putting them all in order tbh