🎡 How Good Are They Really 🎡 Kasabian

Spot on. GG aside, I find most of Ed’s stuff completely avoidable and inoffensive, especially the ballads, which are actually incredibly well-realised and efficient like you say. Spice Girls and Mariah should have scored better. I’d have Kasabian, RHCP and Queen in the bottom three, with The Who and Pink Floyd close too.

I was surprised by Mariah. Thought she’d have plenty of fans on here.

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Thought she’d crack the 3 mark at least.

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I think the thing is that people like the Spice Girls and Mariah won’t get enough 5s to counteract the rock bores who give them 1. People like me, who would ever choose to listen to them but recognise the skill and craft behind their best records will probably give them a 2 or 3.

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essentially it’s the people in the middle who fail us.

As a fan of the unfashionable concepts of compromise and moderation I’m prepared to own this one.

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Lucky you!

I went for a meal with my parents just after the album with Galway Girl on it came out and the restaurant were playing the album on a loop. It was not nice.


Gave Kasabian a generous 2 as there were a couple of relative bangers on the first album (always liked Club Foot and Cutt Off). Shite since which makes me think the guy that left after the first album was probably the talented one.

Forgot about the court case stuff as well.

Bet everyone loves that song in Ireland. Must be great to see someone make such a success out of a deep connection to Irish culture.

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weird that he wrote a song about a Galway girl but set it in Dublin, outside a bar on a street that doesn’t have any bars on it


Don’t ruin the magic for me!


In work a manager once had three of his albums in the multi CD player, blasting through the building. I was tempted to cut the wire to the speaker in the staff room for some relief

Spent the first third of this thread nodding in agreement with the majority, then another third feeling a bit confused, now here we are after 250 replies and I’ve realised I was thinking of Razorlight all along.


mad that this didn’t make it on to the first album

anyone? anyone?

I don’t really participate much in these but I just wanna say that if you do a best of or top 12-15 of UK bands to come out of the 2000s, Kasabian are right in that top 10. Respect for those singles and live shows.

I never would go back to listen to any of their albums in full though.

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