🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Kendrick Lamar

Cash in the original and replace it imo

4/5 for me. I would give him 4.5, but I can’t.

I think his brilliance is pretty obvious, so I’ll just say why he’s not a 5 imo.

I just don’t think his raps are that clever. bit too convoluted, trying too hard to be profound or smart?

also I think he’s similarly neurotic musically at times.

just feels like a lot of culture coming out of our kind of busy, medicated, anxious generational brains.

still better than almost anyone else though.

Right, so DAMN should be listened to back to front?

It works both ways, front-to-back it’s a journey towards weakness (in a Biblical sense) and back-to-front it’s a journey towards wickedness (in a Biblical sense), kind of centred around an alternative world in which he grew up without a father.

Something like that anyway.

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Can i shock you? It’s already back to front. Listening to it backwards is actually listening to it forwards. :exploding_head:

Thanks for this. Interesting stuff. Probably doesn’t help that I generally listen to all my music on shuffle!!

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You mad


This is TOO MUCH for my tiny brain to comprehend

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5.5/5 btw, obvs

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Seriously though the concept/themes work either way, but musically it flows better for me b2f.

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Can this be real?


Hi Drake!

Tried listening without the dog muck in your ear?



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Listened to Section .80 due to gathering hype and although I could see why it was good, was a bit lukewarm for me… so when GKMC came out it totally blew me away. His words, his delivery, those beats, even the concept wasn’t too hackneyed and worked well… It’s a labyrinth of story-telling & certainly the greatest ‘pure’ rap album this century. So many classic songs, even the minor stuff like Poetic Justice & Money Trees is basically perfect.

TPAB I don’t listen too as much now, but for its moment in history was such a significant, ambitious record that you can’t help but be floored by it. The kind of step that not enough artists who have gained a platform take.

Untitled Unmastered I listen to a lot still. It’s pretty cool if you can’t stomach 80 mins of Butterfly.

Damn is hugely underrated, because it wasn’t as overly ambitious as TPAB, but technically it’s probably his most proficient work from a rap point of view.

That kind of consistency and quality and influence is so rare, and likely he’ll stand the test of time.


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For almost anyone else Damn would be a career defining highlight. It says something about what came before that it felt just slightly underwhelming as a Kendrick Lamar album.