🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Kendrick Lamar

I think he’s brilliant but I can’t really get into him, if that makes sense. The odd song here and there clicks with me but I found To Pimp a Butterfly difficult to listen to as a whole album. I’ll maybe give damn a go.

Mention it a lot but even the last verse of FEEL is just such incredibly good technical stuff. Like how he speeds up, slows down, finds new rhythms over the same beat without losing his flow is just so fucking good.




  • I’m not really familiar with his work. Abstain/5
  • thought “oh I’ll have a listen to TPAB on the train home, no problem”
  • plugged headphones in, stuck TPAB on
  • sounded a bit quiet so I turned it up
  • bloke next to me nudges me and gestures: “sorry, did you realise your headphones weren’t plugged in?”

Yeah, I think I got to about the seventh repeat of “Every n- is a star” before realising :grimacing:

I think that’s the last time I sit in this particular train carriage :grimacing:


Lovely, lovely stuff.

3.97 Really thought this would be higher tbh.

Exactly what I expected tbh.

Shitloads of anonymous folk chipping in with low votes but no posts to justify them. Will happen to every hip-hop act on accounts of…


Would it help if I told you I’m moving these back to social?

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Won’t help King Kenny will it!

(I think that this being on the Social board would have led to a higher score tbf)


I’m not sure it would have made a huge amount of difference tbh. The list of voters is pretty similar to before.

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Fair enough, I’m talking out my arse then in that case


Might just bin the whole thing off and move on with my life, not sure yet.

I gave him a 4 so seems almost perfectly in line with what I think about his music (that I’ve heard)


weird one reflecting on it because I think he has made more interesting music than most people on the list, as much as I love Neil Young, it seems sad to think he’s close to the pinnacle of what can be achieved through music considering it’s just mostly sad simple songs on an acoustic guitar (can’t remember what Aretha Franklin sounds like so no idea what I voted/if I voted on her).

Have you noticed a general trend of lower scores since you first started this, out of interest?

They really killed this song in the states. its used at like every sporting event and was on a ton of NBA promos and stuff. i got tired of it really quickly. same with DNA.

Think it was the music board where the consensus was KL is artist of the decade as well wasn’t it?

Didn’t comment but voted 4 fwiw.

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0.15 higher than Bruce Springsteen. That’s high.

A bit. Really depends on the act tbh, pop seems to be scoring lower but established ‘canonical’ acts still do well.

Voted 5/5 btw. He was all my mates and I listened to for three or four years, then we listened to all the artists associated with him (except Drake the fucking twat), then we got into all the artists sampled on his tunes. Incredible.